Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jab Harry met Sejal (2017)


Jab Harry met Sejal (2017)

2:32 | Trailer
After losing her engagement ring while touring Europe, a woman and her tour guide retrace their steps in order to find it.



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 Zaveri is an Indian surname , mainly found among the Gujarati people. The word "Zaveri" (also spelled Jhaveri) means jeweler, and is derived from the Arabic Javahari. Though not all people with surname Zaveri are jewellers by profession, the surname indicates that their ancestors must have been jewelers.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 95

Some are born Americans , Some become Americans Yaar abdul lateef never give up dreaming RIP

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 94

Freedom without constitution is like milk without container and democracy without rule of Law is like garden without tending

Wasiq1Wise : 93

If the distance is two kilometers you can walk , drive or fly but you can not reach there without completing the two kilometers distance

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


  1. Tue 8th Ziqad1438
    Delhi Bombay Kathiawar all gone wiped flushed.Prayed and now after a brief pause over to an unmarked karhai chicken😝
  2.  Wed 9th Ziqad 1438
    On a Wednesday like today after a Transition Power Tuesday reminds me of nawabzada nasrullah khan's sultani ay jamhoor ka ata hai zamana
  3.  Thurs 10th Ziqad 1438
    Awesome Mausam very cool breeze got up very late missed all the missed calls & msgs from telenor had brunch pray
  4. Fri 11th Ziqad 1438
    Woke up cleaned went for the juma namaz did shopping returned had lunch & tea still the eyes are half shut sleepy 😜
  5.  Sa 12th Ziqad 1438
    Despite a hard and fast ex communication in the submerged  Uncle's SOS got through,despite long slumber TCS hands MOU , Police guard returns  U boats sank Ahh!
  6.  Sun 13th Ziqad 1438
    we have water and enough power and enough internet and enough awesome Mausam sun comes out from nowhere planning to go  for zuhr waiting ...
  7.  Mon 14th Ziqad 1438
    sleep after fajr at mosque and long walk . Woke up eat nihari and pray and eat and eat and pray and shop and eat 🕺🏿
  8.  Tues 15th Ziqad 1438
    Freedom without constitution is like milk without container and democracy without rule of Law is like garden without tending 
  9.  Wed 16th Ziqad 1438
    woke up very happy to have survived the flu & cold but had an unfortunate plumbing mishap assisting Bruise & blood😩
  10.  Thurs 17th Ziqad 1438
    Awesome Mausam no rain or drizzle yet trying my best not to eat  typing with injured hand no problem changed dressing
  11.  Fri 18th Ziqad 1438
    The weather has been changing all day since i woke up went for juma prayer with a bandaged hand nobody noticed LOL🐾
  12.  Sa 19th Ziqad 1438
    Partly cloudy windy woke up with a runny nose and itchy bandage but the real bad news is that cat has more kittens 🙄
  13. Sun 20th Ziqad 1438
    Up extremely early less than four hours of sleep no intention of sleeping again soon still missed the breakfast Ha😎 
  14.  Mon21stZiqad1438
    everybody is sleeping because it is a holiday hand much better had halwa puri breakfast will resume sleeping shortly🇵🇰
  15.  Tues 22nd Ziqad 1438
    Got up very early downloaded SRK movie and watched JHMS Loved Anushka's accent Thanks Rab once again had interval main brunch & lunch😎
  16.  Wed 23rd Ziqad 1438
    woke up took meds with tea played ludo star and win had lunch  watched get smart again too much spaming from tcom 😊
  17.  Thurs 24th Ziqad1438
    Extremely awesome mausam cool windy cloudy no sun woken up for halwa puri azadi fever continues aunti quits no spamming 🕺🏿
  18.  Fri 25th Ziqad1438
    woke up to the amazing smells of red & white meat cooking cleaned went to juma prayer came back had lunch and sleep😌

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 92

Imagine the plight of a married person caught between blood and in-laws relations where one side trying to tame a narcissist and the other applying hypnosis La méthode Coué and the vice won't budge .

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 91

Those who Hate books in life generally or idiosyncratically  , Hates Facebook Globally !