Thursday, September 30, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 Venues List

In the past history this is the second time that such kind of a grand event will be organized in Asia. Opening and closing ceremonies of Commonwealth Games will be held at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Delhi. On the 14th’Oct’2010 public holiday is declared on closing of this event. Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, president of Indian Olympic Association will be the head of the organizing committee.
At least of 2.6 million people are expected to come in Delhi to participate as viewer of Common Wealth Games 2010. This is sure to lack of accommodation in Delhi.
Commonwealth Games 2010 Venues List
1. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi – Athletics, lawn bowls, weightlifting
2. Dhyan Chand National Stadium – Hockey
3. Indira Gandhi Arena – Archery, cycling, gymnastics, wrestling
4. Delhi University sports complex – Rugby sevens
5. Thyagaraj Stadium – Netball
6. Siri Fort Sports Complex – Badminton, Squash
7. Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range – Shooting
8. Talkatora Stadium – Boxing
9. SPM Swimming Pool Complex – Aquatics
10. RK Khanna Tennis Complex – Tennis
11. Yamuna Sports Complex – Table tennis
For More details visit at the link given below
Commonwealth Games 2010 :

Never mind the Queen's baton relay..HRH Prince looking for a pauper.. Hide !

Kashmir not on my table @Dawn ....interesting !

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Green and white...the IT oscar night....and afghan elections...hey ya hey ya

pot luck beli opens up to horn nose...

It is always good to see one of our fellow bloggers and twitters on the Morning shows on on express 24/7 morning with Huma..... I was so delighted to see @Abidbeli a very regular twitter on the #karachi trending....he briefly discussed his humble plans to take over the world....beginning from the numaish chowrangi famous for a number of reasons here in karachi...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

september tweets by @wasiq1

  1. @calyps thanks for the facebook is still disabled...I ve heard CEC of PPP meeting
  2. @Saida_B1 not yet...but I have never been accused of going to a night club as well..;-p
  3. estimated sale of chicken and beef burgers by small joints in gulistan i johar alone is more than McDonald's country wide sale... #karachi
  4. the number of a,b,and c class bakeries and confectionaries in gulistan i johar far exceeds saddar area... #karachi
  5. @irfanam a number of pathan tandoors & tea shops have closed down in Johar. Not good #karachi >>what about saji,burgers,broast ,biryani cafe
  6. @Saida_B1 surprised...why ? lol
  7. @Saida_B1 luck ! ;-p
  8. @Saida_B1 oh good I never had a chocolate triple muffin....ever..
  9. @bonbondude my family don't let me make the tea...I make coffee from winter
  10. @bonbondude new recipe from some tv cooking show...meat balls rolled in eggs and fried...or something like that...not kardhi...;-p
  11. Saturday night jams #karachi
  12. deep fried Paratha...
  13. #Dinner
  14. Happy Birthday Ammi
  15. #lunch
  16. I'm at Dilpasand Shake & lassi (commercial area, off Tariq road, karachi).
  17. @DavidHelfenbein true its not possible we both follow @StateDept might be wise to send out a Tweet that @HillaryClinton is not #SecClinton.

  3. barday barday americans ko janta houn..koi kaam ho na ...toh mention not...!
  6. the American Dream....
  10. aik toh afghanistan aur woh bhi khudda apna na sanam..O God..
  12. chalta houn...
  13. job description kuch aaisa hai...bolo han ya na....?
  14. iss kay paisey alaag se hongay...han
  15. dekha mamoo ney sub intezaam kar kay rakha hai...Aik gol wala tub aur....
  16. I just saw that @IMKristenBell tweeted this on #yfrog.
  17. kahan shiekh saab ...kahan babo...
  19. kya karte recession hai na...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Afghan parliamentary election, 2010

Afghan parliamentary election 2010 were held on the 18th of September elect the house of people known as wolesi jirga the lower house just like the house of representatives in the US to act as a law making body just lower to the house of elders which is more like the senate in the it is more or less the same the only thing different is that in the absence of established parliamentary norms and precedents and also due to lack of infrastructure the election process is very corrupt and lacks transparency ....the results of the 18th September elections could take weeks maybe a month...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Does Smartphones and Android users require Wi-Fi....?

The race has begun between the two main mobile service providers in Pakistan to provide their customers the best ,fastest and above all the cheapest mobile internet service.It is interesting to know that at the rate of Rs 10/- and Rs 5/- only per day you can browse unlimited all day (60min).In $ terms this is so cheap that even I can use my smartphone to use the internet daily which is actually quite an achievement for a lot of players in this technology and internet industry.
So the question in my mind is how bad it is for the Wi-fi enabled smartphones and the wi-fi service providers ...

Monday, September 20, 2010

okay so the question is what have I done for ...Pakistan ?

Pakistan Woman Empowerment in full thrust ....or full throttle....?

Look what the flood and scotland yard dragged into Pir Saab Pagaro's court yard....chaudary saab's

Yesterday both factions (fractions) of Pakistan Muslim league (F) and (Q) merged in to form an All Pakistan Muslim league sending invites to all flood and US relief victims leaguers to join ASAP...or else.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We told none to keep an eye on ...Wasiq1

Papal visit to britain 2010 :itinerary

Thursday 16 September

8.10am Departure from Ciampino airport, near Rome, Italy
10.30am Arrival at Edinburgh International airport
11am State welcome and audience with the Queen, at the Palace of Holyroodhouse
11.40am State reception in the grounds of Holyrood
12.30pm Travels by "popemobile" from Holyrood along Abbeyhill, Regent Road, Princes Street, Lothian Road, Tollcross and Morningside to the residence of Cardinal Keith O'Brien, the leader of the Roman Catholic church in Scotland.
1pm Private lunch with O'Brien
5.15pm Celebration of mass, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow
8pm Departure from Glasgow airport for Heathrow airport
9.25pm Arrival at Heathrow

Friday 17 September

8am Private celebration of mass in the chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature
10am Celebration of Roman Catholic education, St Mary's University College, Twickenham
11.30am Meeting with religious leaders and people of faith, St Mary's University College, Twickenham
4pm Fraternal visit to the archbishop of Canterbury, Lambeth Palace
5pm Travels by popemobile from Lambeth Palace across Lambeth Bridge, along Millbank, to the Palace of Westminster
5.15pm Address to civil society, Westminster Hall, Palace of Westminster
6.15pm Celebration of evening prayer, Westminster Abbey

Saturday 18 September

9am Courtesy call from the prime minister, David Cameron, Archbishop's House, Westminster, London
9.20am Courtesy call from the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, Archbishop's House, Westminster
9.30am Courtesy call from the acting leader of the opposition, Harriet Harman, Archbishop's House, Westminster
10am Mass in Westminster Cathedral
5pm Visit to St Peter's Residence for Older People, Vauxhall
6pm Travels in popemobile along Horse Guards Road, The Mall, Constitution Hill and Hyde Park Corner
6.30pm Prayer Vigil, Hyde Park

Sunday 19 September

8am Farewell to the Apostolic Nunciature, Wimbledon, London
8.45am Departure by helicopter for Birmingham, Wimbledon Park
9.30am Arrival by helicopter in Birmingham
10am Celebration of mass with the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman, Cofton Park, Birmingham
Timing to be confirmed Pope will travel along a stretch of the Hagley Road, Birmingham, in popemobile
1.10pm Private visit to the Oratory of St Philip Neri, Edgbaston, Birmingham
1.45pm Lunch with the bishops of England, Scotland and Wales and the papal entourage, Oscott College, Sutton Coldfield
4.45pm Meeting with the bishops of England, Scotland and Wales, seminary chapel, Oscott College, Sutton Coldfield
6.15pm Departure ceremony, Birmingham International airport
6.45pm Departure by air from Birmingham International airport
10.30pm Arrival at Ciampino airport, near Rome

Her majesty the Queen...your Grace....oh my God !

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sabki laadli Bebo...shows legs...

In the last 397 episodes ,I don't really know how many years that makes...,of Starplus's mega serial "Sabki laadli Bebo"...I don't recall ever seeing Bebo (shivshakti sachdev) in anything but the pure indian/punjabi dress of a knee length shirt with a very tight tang pajama(pants) and a I don't think so....its not just her character but her evil twin Rano.. who tried to take her place in the previous episodes was also forced to dress just like her.....Since its a story of a simple sardar family of Amritsar ...I believe I have not even seen Bebo in an indian sari as well....very short sleeves and body hugging shirts is the most she has done so far....for 397....episodes...unbelieveble..!  

Recently I have noticed that since starplus has been banned by Pakistan ....most of the lead female characters in more popular serials are trying to look different...trying to change their getups and wordrobes to the western wear which the actors usually wear and prefer to be seen in their ordinary off starplus screen lives....the only reason that I could think of for this sudden change in  dressing is that they know that their fans in Pakistan can now only watch the serials on the net....