Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sania Mirza Malik's poor performance at Wimbledon 2010...

Rolling Stone throws top brass in and out of the muddy waters...

On 23 june 2010 the President of the United States of America Mr Barack Obama as the commander in chief of the United States Army accepted the resignation of Gen Mc Chrystal of ISAF in Afghanistan and gave it to centcom chief Gen Petreas  ...who will take charge of a subordinate post only after confirmation from the senate the mean time ISAF will be in interim command of Lieutenant General Sir    Nick Parker,  of British Army .  

Friday, June 25, 2010

Shahid khan Afridi wins the Man of the series.....

Last night India outclassed Srilanka to win the AsiaCup 2010.beating the host team by 81 runs...
Shahid Afridi was declared the "Man of the Series" for scoring two hundreds in Asia Cup 2010. He will receive the stylish Tata Indigo Manza  car.

Day 5...:Wimbledon 2010

Hague in Islamabad meeting Leaders...

British foreign secretary visits karachi

The British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs William Hague on his first official visit  to Pakistan as the foreign secretary ,arrived in Karachi on Thursday 24th of june 2010.
He had a very busy day here called on the governor of sindh and many business leaders .visited the karachi stocks exchange.He also visited the Mausoleum of Quaid -i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and laid a wreath.He left for Islamabad where he is going to have very serious and important dialogue with the leadership of Pakistan ..earlier on wednesday before coming to karachi from Islamabad he met with the President,PrimeMinister and FM of Pakistan for "talks".
The British FM's visit to Pakistan is usually a very routine excercise because of the good and immaculate relations between the two nations.His predecessor Mr David miliband  visited Pakistan very regularly...and I am sure Mr Hague will do the same.
Now the one thing Mr William Hague did most unique today was that on his way to Islamabad from Karachi or maybe after reaching Islamabad....he choose to reply to the questions about his visit to Pakistan  on Twitter.Yesterday the British foreign and commonwealth office official twitter started a hash tag #Fsinpak requesting twitters to put question to Mr Hague 
British Foreign Sec @WilliamJHague is in Pakistan. Send your questions on the region with tag #fsinpak. Answers here tmrw

Well to my greatest surprise he did answer the questions on that hash tag in a very Q&A manner and also did what no British FM has ever done before....Chakadam ka chakadam...!
Thankyou Mr are the Best !

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4... :Wimbledon 2010

England goes into the next round....

Color me Red......! Today in the final group match of group C....England beat Slovenia 1-0. to go into the next round of top the fifa worldcup 2010 in south africa....they just needed a win to qualify and another goal would have put them on the top of the group above USA....but who cares now as long as they are still in the run for the worldcup 2010.
In a very interesting development last night it was decided maybe after consultation with the Academic council of Hogwarts ....that the team England will go on the field for their last match with Slovenia who were at the top of the group C  with just one win and a draw....3+1=4pts ,in an all Red jersey and red shorts red socks....and somehow it worked for the vuvuzela's nerve wracked

chelsea clinton getting married...there's got to be a God...

The Clintons are the undisputed Royal family of the United States of America known and loved all over the world and in some non pro-taleban regions of the world.Amongst all the presidents from Mr Nixon to Mr Obama that I have seen in office during my life-time.....Mr Clinton is my all time favorite President of the United States of America.It was so unfortunate that he had to leave the office after full two terms....even the American electorates thought that both Al gore and Bush was not good enough to take his place (The re-count saga).In the previous elections....when the women of America were trying their best to break the glass ceiling.....through Mrs Clinton....I opposed.My problem being that I don't want any Clinton to tarnish the image of Mr Clinton as the best President of the United States of America.Mrs Clinton could have won the US election very easily...had she won the party nomination.So I want to thanks all the Super Democrats for saving the image of Mr Clinton as the best President of United States of America.The only Daughter of Mr and Mrs Clinton ,the young and beautiful Miss Chelsea named after the famous english football club ...I think....has been very nice and supportive to both her dear daddy and mommy....witnessed so closely by America through the keen US media for over two decades....It is about time she starts her own life and come out of the shadows of her celebrity parents....a good and successful marriage is what she needs the most as a first step... I am very happy with the news of her getting married soon.....I hope and pray that the guy she has chosen over thousands of aspiring suitors(pretendientes que aspiran) nothing but the best for her....and the Clintons.

Day 3....:wimbledon 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2...Wimbledon 2010

The President of Pakistan donates blood....

On the 57th sad and depressing Birthday of Late Mohtarema Benazir Bhutto....His beloved husband and the President of Pakistan Mr Asif Ali Zardari donated blood for the Benazir support fund...or something like that...

Wimbledon 2010

Wow, emphatic 5th set by #Federer @Wimbledon. He fights to a ... on Twitpic
An Absolutely Interesting First day at the Wimbledon.....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

798th Urs begins at Ajmer dargah sharif

Well you all know that my papa was born in Ajmer sharif with the blessing from the shrine of the sufi saint Hazrat Khawaja moin uddin chishti (RA).He was a very devoted devotee of Khawaja Saab...well read and true follower of his teachings...every year the islamic month of rajab in which khawaja saab Urs is held in Ajmer we used to celebrate it here with the same zeal...offering fateha and qawwali functions .This is the third Urs of Khawaja ghareeb nawaz after Papa's death...even in his post superannuation and post illness days Papa was very social and active....he was an unofficial custodian and a father figure for all the followers of Khawaja saab in Karachi and especially for those from the city of Ajmer.Today I am remembering how excited he would have been had he had been alive today....planning the fateha ,inviting uncles and aunts,chatting with his childhood friends on the phone anxious to know if all the annual functions are being held this year or not...holding my hand and telling me how the food is cooked in those giant deg at dargha...details of the urs and the internal conflicts of the Khadims(chishti)....and me thinking i'll miss my show on tv ...trying to pull my hand from his...and sincerely praying imaging myself standing in the shrine of Khawaja saab....that a bell ring phone or door....and usually it
Khwaja Mere Khwaja
Dil Mein Sama Ja
Shaho Ka Shah Tu
Ali Ka Dulara
Khwaja Mere Khwaja Dil Mein Sama Ja
Khwaja Mere Khwaja Dil Mein Sama Ja
Beqaso Ki Taqdeer, Tune Hai Sawari
Beqaso Ki Taqdeer, Tune Hai Sawari

Khwaja Mere Khwaja
Dil Mein Sama Ja
Shaho Ka Shah Tu
Ali Ka Dulara 
Khwaja Ji
Khwaja Ji