Thursday, December 24, 2009

Aha the Christmas eve returns to....

Karachi the city of Churches big and beautiful.Most of the churches and cathedrals in karachi are old very old historic from the time of the british raj.At the time of the partition of India muslim came from all over the India and settled here in karachi thus out numbered the local christian community.Today we only notice the mosques both big and small in every neighborhood and hear the criers calling for prayers five times a day using loudspeakers ,megaphones and Japanese sound systems...we never get to hear the church bells from any of the church so we don't believe there is Christianity

lso present in this city.It is only on the christmas eve that we get to see the colorful christmas trees in the big hotel lobbies,shops and markets...The churches have the midnight mass and other events this week....but most local people think they are having a parents-teacher meeting at the school because most churches have schools attached to it.
After the partition of I
ndia when the British Army left Karachi they handed over the responsibility of protecting the city churches from Muslims and Christians alike to R.C's parsees and buckshees....and the way those beautiful historic structures stand today amidst the concrete jungle of Karachi speaks for its self for a commendable job well done....
I have never been to a Church but I have seen all of them from outside since they
are located mostly in the old city area...a visitor to karachi cannot miss the main ones.Its been ages since a church mission visited our door.The church missions used to call upon my parents regularly...trying their hard luck in converting them to christainity...our drawing room where Iam sitting right now used to be a place where eloquence ruled on weekends and holidays.Until the Russians(Soviet) invaded Afghanistan in the seventies....In the eighties and nineties the funded muslim fundamentalism grew....and the churches and christian communities kept a very low profile. and since the new millennium has been ruled by the terrorism and talebans I don't see no hope of a Merry Christmas here in karachi at least not this year.But some of my christian friends from Karachi may be celebrating a white christmas in different parts of the pray your karachi also has a similar Christmas in the coming not a white christmas of course don't be ridiculous a white christmas is not possible in karachi ...a joyous merry christmas for all of karachi.....Ho Ho Ho!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Old Taxman never dies...he just stop charging...

But this is the way a gentleman dies......

Today on 14th Dec 09 is the second death anniversary of my dearly departed Papa who died on Friday the 14th Dec 07 under the trust and care of a big private hospital in Karachi of Multiple Doctors syndrome Twenty years after his superannuation from the Tax department.
Born in the twenties at Ajmer, in the British Indian state of Rajputana now known as Rajasthan,in a sunni syed family. His father a graduate of aligarh muslim university(alig) was employed in the British Indian Railways at Ajmer in a managerial posts nothing serious...His Great grandfather was originally from Agra,UP and so was his Mother a distant cousin of his father.
Thanks to the British Indian Railways free travel and other fringe benefits he traveled a lot and had a summer home and a summer name.He was one of the luckiest persons I have ever seen who benefited from the partition of India.where millions lost their loved ones separated from families...most of his close friends and cousins from both cities reunited here in Karachi and remained his close and dear friend in happiness and sorrows till the end.. I don't know if it was unfortunate or fortunate that his dearest friend and confidant..his elder sister with whom he got the earliest religious education at a neighborhood shia seminary..had a separation from his husband in india also came to live with him for the rest of her life with two very lovely kid...Thanks to the british Indian railways free travel and other benefits this elder sister was born in Agra UP...and was very proud of the fact.Papa on the other hand missed Ajmer and the shrine of Khawaja saab...and proudly showed the visitors and guest to the house the gifts and souvenirs from the shrine of Khawaja saab in Ajmer... as a child who never got to see any of the two cities for me this InterState(inter provincial) rivalry between the drawing room and the living room was very interesting and entertaining but for the visitors who were not aware of this tale of two cities it used to be very bewildering. For years their friends from the two cities tried to maintain their cultural identity like two teams playing the same game...with Papa as umpire.

At the time of Partition of India Papa was in a law school...had to leave the studies abruptly and came down to Pakistan.Traveling by the Train to Karachi they were stopped at a small station and given a small farm land.Not Interested in farming at all he went to Hyderabad to complete his studies and also got a govt job as food inspector later on he got the job as tax inspector and came to Karachi.Being a taxman in the hub of business and commercial activity he made a lot of new friends .He liked to invite people to dinners a lot and in return his friends also invited us to dinners and weddings.He was very fond of good food...He loved Pakistani and chinese food.I never saw him drink at home or at the parties.He used to make sure that drinks will not be served before accepting an invitations.I am not sure what he used to do at the Official and National day parties thrown by the foreign missions...especially the US and British consulates...he used to attend in the early days...later on when his younger brother died he cut down on his social activities.Few years later when I was born the mourning ended and life begin to return to the taxman's household.He often call me the lucky one and loved me dearly.The parties I got the opportunity to attend with him were merely Eat&run weddings parties of family and friends.His family and friends got richer and richer so the simple wedding parties begin to turn into lavish extravagant things...with multiple course lavish dinners...
I never saw him smoke either he hated smoking and was allergic to second hand smoke.Always discouraged me and everybody else from smoking...
I also never saw him with any woman other than my mother or heard any complains from my mother. He never had woman troubles which is a rare thing for a taxman...and yet on the day he died the house was full of women ..sisters, aunts,cousins,neighbors,friends..everyone in grief,sad and crying...

Tiger woods definitey sold his soul to the devil....

Jamie Jungers, a lingerie model from Las Vegas, said: "It was way more than sex ... I loved him"

I have never participated in any of the physical sports in my youth and childhood very keenly although I am a very enthusiastic fan of many sports such as cricket,soccer,tennis,swimming,marathon,boxing...etc but golf is a sport that I always look upon to be the one that I can pursue later on in my life.When I go on my weekend long morning walks on the beach...somewhere in a dark corner of my mind I have this image of my self dressed in the usual attire holding a golf club stick and chasing the golf balls on the greens...hitting the perfect shots and making the holes all alone with nobody else on the course for yards and yards of greens.

2nd Karachi Fashion Week

Today I woke up very late because I was up most of the night here on the net doing stuff,tweeting ...but when I wake up and after having a cup of tea I picked up the newspapers I saw this ad which completely confused me.Are we going to a have a fashion week in karachi every three months just to cover up for the time and opportunities missed.It is an indeed a very good idea that way we can make up for time lost and be able to stand in line with leading fashion weeks of the world such as paris,milan,london and new york in a very short time.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Old lawyers never die...they just lose their appeal..

President Karachi Bar Muhammad Ali passes away

The President of Karachi Bar Association died of heart attack just days before the elections of Karachi Bar Association.All proceedings in the city courts remained suspended on Monday 7 dec 09.