Saturday, December 14, 2013

14th dec 2013 : 6th death anniversary of Papa

I picked the copy of glorious Quran from the topmost adorn in this room gathering dust to recite surah Yasin (36) to be blessed for the dearly departed soul of Papa on his Anniversary day. After blowing away the gathered dust and cleaning the cover and sides of the rarely used copy with the translation in easy english by Papa I started the recitation of Surah Yasin the 36th surah of the glorious Quran in arabic. After i finished the arabic recital I began to read the english translation.I had the flash back of the days when he was engaged in this incredible task on the request and Persuasion of his very dear friend of many many years Alahazrat Maulana Qari Raza-ul-Mustafa Azmi Khatib New Memon Masjid Bolton Market Karachi.
Papa was very happy doing this even when he had very little hope of his translation being published.Being an intellect and a man of learning He may have never been so happy and relaxed all his life for which i am very very Thankful. 
I am also very Thankful to all the people and institutions that keep reminding me of Papa in whatever way they can and are here with me even after the six years of his passing away. When he died almost twenty years after the superannuation he had already lost most of his elders and childhood friends.At the time of his death i knew that in few years nobody would be alive who knew my Papa well except a few younger casual friends and acquaintances other than the family.
Papa was a very hard working man he worked like a slave all his life to support his father's family and His family. If anybody young or old ever asked him for some favors he was so glad to help him as if it was his sworn duty. Some even continuously tested his wits and willingness as the famous poet Ahmad faraz puts it.....
suna hai rabt hai us ko kharab halon se
so apney ap ko barbaad karakey dekhtey hain

He loved to be a part of the solution not the part of the problem. He always told me to be a problem solver not a problem creator.
Living for the past six years without his guidance and help was not easy . I realised  a lot of error of my ways especially in looking at the falsified and created Jams . Unlike me he NEVER worried about who or why...he always looked at What and how.

May the Lord Almighty Allah bless his soul , forgive his sins and make him enter the paradise. Amen !  

14th dec 2012 : 5th death anniversary of Papa