Wednesday, August 29, 2012

facebook Timeline

My Facebook timeline is activated....when i first joined facebook everything i posted on my wall was gone disappeared in couple of was like a big empty we have timeline where everything will be saved....for everyone to see...great !

Sphere The Movie 1998 - official thrailer

Even though i have missed the end because my cable operator decided that i should watch the PAkvsAus ODI going on at Sharjah right now....and stopped the WB movie channel where i was watching this movie, But i believe that i have seen enough to get the  

Wednesday,29th August 2012 : okay i watched the ending today in the afternoon re-run on the same channel and the same cable(must be under pressure because the signal was a little scrambled but they did not stop)Thanks:) So the ending was a much better than i had expected.and because of this i am raising the imdb rating by 3 points.

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen (2009)Official Movie Trailer

1. Never fight your destiny....
2. Its a big screen movie....and
3. Tell me about the Jordanians again and i'll jump

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chaand Raat Mubarak

Tonight the Ramadan Kareem is over with the sighting of the moon.Tomorrow is the Eid-ul-fitr or the first of the two eids of the Muslims.On this day and for the two more day  everybody thank Allah ,meet greet family and friends eat and enjoy.Unfortunately my very very dear Nani (maternal grandmother) died this year in muharrum and her sister died very recently. Customarily we should celebrate eid with simplicity and avoid pomp&show. In some families it is also customary to gather at the deceased's  official residence  before anything on the eid day after the eid prayers.
But unfortunately the official residence of my Nani turned into a piece of property even during her lifetime and illness (sickbed) due to the commonly used term "bhaioun ki lardai " (conflict of interest among the brothers ) its a very common malady in our neighborhood with shared properties .So there is no chance of any gathering there on the eid day or during the Eid festivities and even if there was i would probably wont attend because i stopped visiting that place a long time ago even during her lifetime. My ammi used to visit her when she had the strength and patience, eventually she lost both and was not able to attend her funeral giving me a very good excuse.
Talking about excuse the death of a Nani (maternal grandmother) is one of the most common excuses for a leave of absence from school or work here in Pakistan.Most skulkers use it many times and here i am, i have not one but two nani's dead this year and i cannot use it on the eid as well.Being voluntarily leisured and out of school for more than a decade i don't have any co-workers or friends to meet and greet with so my eid days  plan is one of the dumbest in the world. I'll be spending most of the 72 hours plus with my Ammi and siblings glued to the television and computer.Or i'll be hiding in my dadi's room to avoid the chappaz (raids) by unhappy married couples and mentally disturbed relatives and sponsored gate-crashers.
All the Best Folks.....

MINORITY REPORT (2002) Trailer

This is better than TOTAL RECALL !!!