Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ready or I comes....

The touch screen Ipads

Once upon a time many many centuries ago....when I was in the high school or had just left...can't remember correctly...One day I had the opportunity to visit the Computer expo in a local Hotel organised by the computer society of Pakistan.There in the huge hall of the five star hotel I for the first time in my life saw a Laptop on display.I was quite amazed.Everybody was looking at it in surprise....the only relief that other PC desktop vendors had in that expo was that the price of the cheapest laptop was almost three times the price of an ordinary computer with all accessories and peripheral i.e well above a hundred thousand Rupees...Knowing very little about computers and how they operate at that time...I instantly fall in love with the innovative gadget.At once I decided that if ever I have to buy a computer I'll buy a laptop....Then I don't know what happened...but got far far away from computers and into the real world...and almost forgot about the computers because here nothing was being done on or with computers....My life changed once again when both my parents fell ill to fatal diseases....all they wanted from me being the youngest son was to be in front of their eyes 24/7 .In those days I had only two passions Studying Law and watching international cricket...I was kind of abstaining from computers and for years I used to just watch others poking their brains out sitting for hours in front of a computer.....Then an almost a miracle happened that I needed the computer to get in touch with a friend abroad and I did not trust the Imperial Postal service...never have never will...not even in a seven life-times...anyways, from the E-mails and messengers I went on to the Metroblogging and began to love being on the computer....I was using the shared pentium 4 which was the latest at that time but with a dial-up connection which was very troublesome at times and I was allowed to use it only during the night when phone line was not in use....during the day it used to rang like that of a
One fine summer evening of 2008 I had a stroke of luck when I completely lost track of time doing a blog...and bur
ned the mother board of the Pentium was the first summer after Papa's death...the cable guy was getting restless and sending someone to bang the door almost everyday....with unbelievable offers for the broadband....when I assured him that the computer is broken his desperation was so exhilarating to see him suffer....I decided not to succumb to his pressure tactics and hand wrestle for as long as I can ...and see who wins.....and for checking the emails and stuff....I looked for the cheapest cyber cafe....Now this was one of the best experiences of my life...a true stroke of luck...there in the shabby environment of this small cafe I was so surprised to see junk Pentium 2 and 3 working so fast ...I really had a great summer that year and the daily walk to and from the cafe was really good for my mind and body....but soon my family began to notice that I missing from the they got the computer repaired and a little later that year I also got the broadband cable net.With a faster and easily accessible net connection my online activities increased....but then the power and energy crisis begin to worsen....sudden interruptions and power surges caused damage to the booting requiring repairs a couple of times in a year....ironically sometimes the repair of a newer model cost just as much as the total price of a used older this one time when the computer returned from the repair it also had an old pentium 3 used along with when the computer is down atleast I have something to replace it with...the show does not stop....complelety neither does it slows down because an older version of computer performs just as good as a latest one with a faster connection...atleast it does for me...becuase I only use a net connection on a computer for the basic applications such as facebook,twitter,blogger,yahoo,google..etc
Now In the year 2010 the computer world is
changing once again....the laptops failed to capture the market here....because of higher prices and costlier repairs.....the used Laptops and the older versions does not have many latest features such as longer battery power and a Wi-fi connectivity...etc...which are available in the new mobile phones at much lower prices...well of course I am not suggesting the mobile phones can replace the laptops and desktops.....I have mobiles with net connectivity features...and I know how hard it is to use the net from most few months back they released an Ipad
which is rectangular shaped slim body touch sc
reen with wi-fi connectivity available in karachi in the price range of Rs 45,ooo to Rs 70,000 after an initial discomfort the industry pundits are now beginning to give it a thumbs what is going to be the future of computers is not hard to predict now....experts suggest that 70% of computing will be done through the touch screens type gadgets...soon.
I don't know why this has happened to me now....
just when I was so close to buying my first laptop and enjoy the Wi-fi with the ever growing Wi-fi environment around the neighborhood and especially in the ever increasing cafe's and eateries...during the power shut downs.
My first experience with the touch screen was way back when I got a touch screen calculator watch....Casio TC-500 I still have it somewhere in my old stuff...but I have no experience with the Apple I think it would be prudent to
wait a little bit more for the more mainstream gadgets and applications...which might be on its way to the markets for the christmas/thanksgiving shopping in few months time.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Uncultured Lahori's ruined a fairytale event ....

Can't be Tamed....

Well I have known this fact that the US wants to build (help build) the ring road at Hayatabad in Khyber-Pukhtunkha and improve the condition of the Highway leading to the khyber pass and into the Afghan border Since the joint declaration of the Pak-US strategic Dialogue in Washington But somehow watching this ad in the newspaper about the groundbreaking ceremony and learning that this whole project will be handled by the Narcotics Affair Section of the US Embassy (pakistan not mentioned) simply made my

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amitabh Bachchan has cirrhosis of the liver


Two weeks ! what have you got to lose Modi...?

and the time starts now....

the streamship HMS Modi SANK !

Just hours after the final of IPL in which Chennai Super Kings beat favorites Mumbai indians with 22 runs.. News came that IPL chief Lalit Modi is being suspended.
This was the third season of IPL(indian Players League) which was surrounded by many controversies...right from the planning stage...biggest of all was not taking the Players from Pakistan. Many Pakistani cricketers as well as their fans world over were disappointed...IPL under commissioner (chief) Lalit Modi blamed Pakistan Government and cricket Board for their decision which sounded silly because Wasim Akram the former Pakistan Skipper and Bowler was hired by Shahrukh Khan's Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR) as bowling coach...anyways I cannot put my finger on just one thing which brought the down fall of Modi...but the reason given by the Indian officials is he has been suspended for two weeks pending an investigation into the allegation of tax evasion and monetary fraud.Some politicians and Indian government officials are also believed to have been involved in this scam.A junior Minister has already been forced to resign.There was also pressure on commissioner Modi to resign but he refused said he will defend himself against all or any charges.He still claims to be the Chairmen through the twitter... in his own tweet .. Thank you all for your message of support. It is really appreciated. I am still chairman of IPL. Just suspended. Wait - we have just begun.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Shoaib and Sania Valima reception

It is a Muslim custom and tradition that when a couple is married and the bride comes to the grooms house for the first time the groom or his family gives a Dinner reception for the family and friends to celebrate the wedding.. it is called Valima.
I have been so far very interestingly following this whole affair also doing blogs on it.Today I saw the news coverage of the event last night on a news channel and believe me I was so surprised to see the Stunning Make-up of the Bride and groom.Sania looked absolutely amazing ....and difference can be easily compared...Congratulations.

Did Nawaz sharif ...Quit ?

Right in the middle centre of Sunday's Daily jang newspaper there is the news of MR Nawaz Sharif leader of PML(N) the coalition partner/leader of the opposition/abuser of President Zardari/brother of CM punjab....left for the Dubai from where he will go to europe or stay in London till he is able to resolve the inter-party rivalry....
This News of his leaving the country now seems so ironic because...only last week the President promulgated the 18th amendment to the constitution of Pakistan Bill 2010 and the two main things about allowing the third term in office of the prime minister and removing the mandatory elections within the political parties are believed to have been introduced in that bill for and only for Mr Nawaz Sharif....

MQM comes to lollywood...

MQM or the Mutahida Quomi Movement the third largest political party of Pakistan finally saw the day when its flags were up in three main cities of Punjab province which has always been one of the most hard-lined opponents since the start of the struggle.
The MQM leaders claim that they were not allowed to held a big rally in Lahore at the Minar ay Pakistan by the Punjab Government Of CM Mian Shahbaz sharif (brother of Mian Nawaz sharif) so they held the party convention in three cities...and believe me Only MQM can do it because its leader Altaf hussian lives in London and he can address a convention,rally ..whatever anywhere in the world through the telephone....and that's what he did.the details are still coming but from the looks of seems that Pir saab london wala managed to mesmerize the tough punjabi crowd.

Wall's innovative kulfi

Wall's Pakistan the largest and biggest makers of my favorite Icecreams in karachi have come out with another innovative product called "Badami" it is a nutty kulfi with almonds and pistachio nuts pieces on a thick outer coating and a very sweet creamy kulfi inside...other ingredients as per the wrapper are....:sugar,milk paste,vegetable fat,glucose syrup,milk powder,whey powder,almonds and pistachio nut pieces,soya lecithin.emulsifier,stabilizers,artificial flavours(flavors) and permitted colours (colors).
The consumer price of 60ml is Rs 15(20 for me...? wait till I have the

Saturday, April 24, 2010

some mothers....

April 23rd:World Books and Copyright Day 2010

I have been desperately seeking to learn the difference between the World day and an International for example yesterday the 23rd of april according to UNESCO
is the world book and copyright Day ...whereas the US consulate General Karachi 's public affairs officer Ms Elizabeth colton calls it The International Book Day .

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Saint George's day 2010

Believe it or not Saint George's day is not a public or Bank holiday in England and wales...unlike Saint Patrick's day or Saint Andrew's day

Why is france taking so long to decide about the Veil

Is this ever going debate ever going to end and will france ever going to impose a ban on the women veil...? well the president of france Mr sarkozy ordered his government to present a draft law in may....Interesting....very interesting....I don't think he is serious...but the thought of women being fined everywhere in France is very tempting...don't you who will enforce this ban....the fashion police...or the