Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Big Bang Theory hitting on sheldons sister

The Big Bang Theory - season 2 episode 9 sheldon FTW

TBBT S2E8: Howard, Son Amoureuse Et Sa Mère

PLEASE GIVE (2010) official trailer

William & Kate Film (2011) Trailer

I wonder who else on my All British (omantel) cable network missed the sunday church today.....oh so many .....never mind the future defenders of the faith have the best of training and ability ,one you and i could have never possibley have affored or survived....Thank You Dears !!!

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)Movie Trailer

ever since i was a toddler i loved the wooden piece of furniture they called the "bureau" where papa kept his stationary and his diaries.I would never dare to touch his older diaries unless ordered to whenever he needed them away from the bureau.But the new ones every new year where given to me to hold until they were distributed among the family.I usually got the best one to keep the one that had the best of information and maps. Those diaries where my treasure I learned more geography and history from those diaries than i did at years of schooling and my teachers can confirm that.I don't know why it never occurred to me that some people use a new diary every year to record and organise stuff(lol). Anyways after i finished the graduate school and choose to be voluntarily leisured, I started keeping a diary. I am not very sure if it was good or helpful in any other way but after a few years of regularly updating the log i was often praised about my hand writing and english.
As my hunger for writing grew more and more my choice for the diary changed. Now i would take the one with more writing space per page over the fancy ones.later on i started using the old unused diaries with current day and date similarity  and lots of writing space.sometimes i had to use small scripts and draw lines between the lines.After Papa died the complimentary new years diaries also stopped pouring in like rain.Net improved and i started blogging as well but i continued to keep a diary the one that my dearest maternal uncle was bringing every year as a habit i am sure he and his friends must have missed Papa and being under  his umbrella much more than i did.Last year he got over it( and that is how my keeping a diary days in and days out came to an eventual end.
Kehney ka matlab yeah hai...kay (what i mean to say is ..that ) the movie is such a drag that i fall asleep watching it last night  in the other room and since there were no hindi soap/ serials for ammi to watch ....she thought i was not coming at all and would have to sleep alone but as i was very sound sleep i hear a very loud bang of the door upstairs where ammi's estranged family lives and few minutes later i was back on the couch next to Ammi's bed in her