Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Baby Driver (2017)

I rated Baby Driver 4/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3890160/?ref_=prss_rt

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 107

The Universal declaration of the Human Rights enshrines the Rights and Freedoms for humans only , Beauty and the Beast is a separate script altogether different Volume different Section. Thankyou !

Saturday, December 9, 2017

X-Men: First Class (2011)

I rated X-Men: First Class 8/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1270798/?ref_=prss_rtX-Men: First Class PosterImage result for X-Men: First Class (2011)Image result for X-Men: First Class (2011)Image result for X-Men: First Class (2011)Image result for X-Men: First Class (2011)

Friday, December 8, 2017

Logan (2017)

I rated Logan 6/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3315342/?ref_=prss_rtLogan Poster

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

X-Men 2 (2003) X2 (original title)

I rated X-Men 2 8/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0290334/?ref_=prss_rtX-Men 2 Poster

Step Up Revolution (2012)

Step Up Revolution PosterI rated Step Up Revolution 4/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1800741/?ref_=prss_rt

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

LIE (2017)

LIE PosterI rated LIE 2/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt7249874/?ref_=prss_rt

Undisputed 3: Redemption (2010)

I rated Undisputed 3: Redemption 7/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1156466/?ref_=prss_rtUndisputed 3: Redemption Poster

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 106

Time is my only enemy and my truest friend its just a matter of time ! 

Friday, December 1, 2017


  1. Fri 12th RabiulAwal1439
    9:17 am Been up for about over an hour now in an almost dead town after the Navy Gunnery fire i am only up because i fall asleep early before midnight without a movie had good sleep its juma so few will wake up by noon mobile is off so sweet dreams 🍦
  2.  Sa 13th RabiulAwal1439
    After using the mobile as camera for food pics all day yesterday i turned it of to save battery so i have no idea if the network was restored or not the net( internet) was not working this morning so i had some leftover biryani from last night and tea
  3.  Sun 14th RabiulAwal1439
    9:02 am Okay the morning at nine is cooler then yesterday so it must have been much colder three hours ago or maybe just the same who cares i got few hours of peaceful sleep had to keep the fan on because of the mosquitoes leveled up in farmville 2 ya
  4.  Mon 15th RabiulAwal1439
    9:55 am Last night after ending the sunday blog & having little snacks i fell asleep playing farmville instantly only to be woken up by a very predictable power shutdown then i woke again with the fajr azan at 6 am and now at 9 am to a clear blue sky
  5. Tues 16th RabiulAwal1439
    12:10 pm When i woke up at 6 sharp there was no wind at 8:30 am it 22 deg C and stormy winds very dry we don't have tree now but neighbours rain protections sound loud no net so watched undisputed 111 : Redemption, Went to shop now waiting for Brunch
  6.  Wed 17th RabiulAwal1439
    9:28 am Been up since 5 am got up with cold feet and sweaty forehead got out enjoyed the morning chilly winter winds and moon waning watched X2 don't know why been avoiding the series had chicken yakhni was watching step up R with tea playlist changed
  7.  Thurs 18th RabiulAwal1439
    12:48 pm been up at five ,six and 8:00 am finally had tea at 10 am the winter chilly winds have stopped  there are no clouds or haze very clear sunny blue sky was watching the taking of Phelham 123 with urdu dubbing on filmax its always fun to watch
  8.   Fri 19th RabiulAwal1439
    11:13 am me up since 7:30 sharp watched the waning moon 30 deg from the head  enjoyed the chilly winter  winds and an absolutely clear blue sky at dawn later on when the electric power was shutdown i heard the Shit cart sirens Alley overflowing ☀️
  9.  Sa 20th RabiulAwal1439
    10:50 am got up at nine thirty searched for the waning moon found it behind the tree sixty deg from the head west must be over the mecca anyways the sky here was hazy but very clear now and the almost half moon is gone too had herbal tea ah door bell🎼
  10.  Sun 21th RabiulAwal1439
    9:46 am got up before nine with the sound of a bunch of kids chirping on the top shelf next door took a bath & then tried to search for the waning moon can't find it the sky is different on all four corners haze is clearing residue clouds also dry☀️
  11.  Mon 22nd RabiulAwal1439
    12:21 pm Got up at six forty five to a complete Silver Sky and cold wind with 22°C get back to bed & played farmville 2 country escape dozing off and on multiple times made enough coins to buy another red grapes field and half way to next level 🎼😇🕺
  12.  Tues 23 rd RabiulAwal1439
    10:38 am got up at 4:40 am had a late after midnight supper then again got up at 8:30 am saw the waning moon twenty degrees from the head south the moon is now crescent 2 more days perhaps at this hour was watching Baby Driver cut off by cable🍳🥚🍵
  13. Wed 24th RabiulAwal1439

    9:21 am Got up at 7:30 am to a fishy smell & a post rain silver sky clouds are now broken sun is trying hard to come out with a full shine ground is almost dry people waking up will not even believe anyways had breakfast TWITTER HAS ADD ANOTHER TWEET+ 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tumhari Sulu (2017)

I rated Tumhari Sulu 4/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6791730/?ref_=prss_rt

Raabta (2017)

I rated Raabta 2/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5542802/?ref_=prss_rtRaabta Poster

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 105

Anyways no matter if you can or cannot afford a turkey on a Happay Thanksgiving may or may not , Serving your Son in self exile or frolicking on your plundered is not Good with or without Pay or Both !

Friday, November 24, 2017

Tubelight (2017)

I rated Tubelight 4/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5882970/?ref_=prss_rtTubelight PosterImage result for zhu zhuImage result for zhu zhu

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Jagga Jasoos (2017)

I rated Jagga Jasoos 3/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4129428/?ref_=prss_rt

Daddy (2017)

I rated Daddy 3/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6926486/?ref_=prss_rt

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Half Girlfriend (2017)

I rated Half Girlfriend 10/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5474042/?ref_=prss_rtHalf Girlfriend Poster

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 104

Old And Dying people with Suicidal tendency does not have to Blow up they could just fall . 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Judwaa 2 (2017)

I rated Judwaa 2 4/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5456546/?ref_=prss_rtJudwaa 2 Poster

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017)

I rated Baahubali 2: The Conclusion 8/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4849438/?ref_=prss_rtBaahubali 2: The Conclusion PosterImage result for anushka shetty

Monday, November 13, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 103

Anybody who did not behold lahore did not behold anything because there was nothing to behold but smog

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Passengers (2016)

I rated Passengers 8/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1355644/?ref_=prss_rtPassengers PosterImage result for lawrence passengersRelated imageRelated image

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

The Legend of Tarzan Poster


  1. Wed 11thSafar1439
    Okay i had a very good  relaxing sleep all morning after yet another bad times rolling Halloween night story from the westside Manhattan  where a bad guy uzbek rents a Monster Truck from H I rams the Argentinian critical mass makes a hero of a cop Blessed🎃
  2.  Thurs 12thSafar1439
    Okay so i have survived the Halloween once again today i woke up  watched the First of the Hobbit series on HBO PAKISTAN stopped pronunciation after the digital bought it only 3 breaks and a habitual curtain break went over time so no credits next movie😊
  3.  Fri 13th Safar 1439
     #WhatsApp is dead RIP . Fall asleep before fajr watching claire danes Stardust and woke up to perdita weeks  As above so below tous les deux contes de fées went to market then again went to the juma prayer came back had lunch electric power on off ☀️
  4.  Sa 14th Safar1439
    had a really cool morning sleep woke and watched multiple farmhands doing their job just like the farmville 2 . Then i suddenly realized that my farmville 2 country escape does not have or will have neighbours or Neighbors  ou voisin because its progress 😂
  5.  Sun 15th Safar 1439
    So  inside the room it is still the same & warm but outside it is the perfect winter chilly Sunday morning to go out and enjoy the halwa puri nashta or some other hot and spicy breakfast the sun is up so this is the last hour before its hot&Humid again☀️
  6.  Mon 16th Safar 1439
    okay i am up early very early so early that it feels like winter It is very clear blue sky so soon it will be hot again when the sun comes up at noon there is a small desi red rose in the rose plant won 2 quick games of LUDO Star Enjoying ParadisePapers😋
  7. Tues 17th Safar 1439
    its not like the winter feel morning chill  a very clear blue sky with bright sun coming up to burn the skin cells of whoever comes out before sleep i played ludo star and won Since Childhood i wanted to watch The Ender's Game almost feel asleep watching
  8.  Wed 18th Safar 1439
    Woke up feverish Watched the Waning moon right in front on a clear blue sky the clouds from last night have all cleared up and so is winter chill no fog  watched Jennifer lawrence's interstellar movie Passengers had tea got sweating forehead feel okay 😌
  9.  Thurs 19th Safar1439
    woke up a little after seven watched the waning moon in floating cloud watched the ending of Mandy moore's License to wed had bunkabab burger for breakfast sat down to watch the ending of vera farminga's safe house BUT how can a simpson grow up to be eva
  10.  Fri 20thSafar1439
    got up at 8 am saw the waning moon its about fifty percent more not less sky is clear blue no chill . Its a somewhat holiday but water bill delivered either early very early or late very late we had multiple power shutdowns all night as the Mafia rejoiced🍾
  11.  Sa 21st Safar1439
    Aha its the weekends again quiet and peaceful even the room clock is a degree lower so it must be cooler outside . Woke up at 9:30 am sharp saw the less than 50 percent waning moon on a clear blue sky had lots of tea then while channel surf got Special 26🍬
  12.  Sun 22nd Safar1439
    After multiple desperate and unsuccessful attempts i finally woke up at 10:30 am sharp missed the waning crescent on a foggy blue sky . went to the shop and brought bread & ghee at the corner a guy on bike crossed me had halwa puri hanging on the handle😂
  13.  Mon 23rd Safar1439
    Woke up 7:30 am sharp cannot believe how this is happening anyways went out to see the waning crescent on a clear blue haze free sky . Found it south east about 20° to where i usually look for where it is now south west must be the last sighting this month
  14.  Tues 24th Safar1439
    Price of Egg unwashed unpacked Rs 140/dozen retail . Woke up at eight Sharp could not find waning crescent washed up went to shop to buy eggs and pespsi family bottle . Saw waning crescent at 9:20 am Sun bright & cool Watched 1st part of Varun's Judwaa 2🦃
  15.  Wed 25th Safar1439
    Got out of bed at 7:30 am sharp went to  shop for bread & Milk. The Sun on the clear blue sky was not hot at all as there was no drop of sweat on my forehead after the walk and shop . Electric power & cable shut down at 8:44 am no waning crescent i sleep💤
  16.  Thurs 26th Safar1439
    Woke up at 6:15 am sharp to a Karachi winters of below 25°C after falling asleep being lucky to have got to watch Baahubali 2 the conclusion on cable Fall asleep again woke at 8:30 am to a quetta winter chilly winds same temp at noon went to market☀️🎃
  17.  Fri 27th Safar1439
    Okay the same weather pattern today as well just like yesterday . cold morning , Chilly wind at 9 am and now the sunny quiet . Special Happy Thanksgiving Air Show by Jetsons continues . Dubai Air commercials more Audio sous . Bottled water fishing done 🤖 
  18.  Sa 28th Safar1439
    The sky is not clear blue little haze Tea has more ginger , no chilly wind , movies are all repeat on cable , too quiet and slow weekend , too far from the next level of farmville 2, new moon will be at 16:42 not sure at all if it will be sighted tomorrow😴
  19.  Sun 29th Safar1439
    So i woke up at seven sharp before that a brief pause at five in the morning the weather is not very cold or chilly this morning or maybe i am not feeling it because i am wearing a cardigan and before that i was in a quilt filled with cotton and having tea
  20.  Mon 1st RabiulAwal 1439
    No chilly winds clear blue sky and the sun is coming up too so the morning chill at 7:15 am sharp is slowly speeding away . Immediately got out of the bed had tea and tried to save my clear yet troubled throat feeling  better n watched Mechanic again
  21.  Tues 2nd RabiulAwal 1439
    Clear Blue sky no wind woke up at 8:15 am had a cup of instant coffee did not bring tea yesterday nose clogged dried throat cleared after sajal's mid summer rainy days coffee no not yet headz spinz after shraddha Half girlfriend Happyz end Ki who ??!
  22.  Wed 3rd RabiulAwal1439
    Oh my God there is nothing more precious in this world then a chilly fresh morning breath of air going up your dry nostrils here in karachi the sky is so blue we must over charge LOL no water hunting no movie fell asleep tonight Farmville 2 had snow🏂
  23.  Thurs 4th RabiulAwal1439
    After really falling asleep watching katrina kaif's Jagga Jasoos🦃 i thought the next happy thanksgiving turkey will be tubelight🦃i am saving for the day But soon after i checked my clear blue sky & had tea cable put on
    Shruti Bapna's Daddy 2017😴
  24.  Fri 5th RabiulAwal1439
    Happy Thanksgiving & Blackfriday to all the jews of the world & Americans yes i did watch Zhu Zhu's Tubelight it was ok not as bad as the jagga jasoos the other day had to watch the end multiple times due to bad file reached level 25 farmville 2 Yay🤳
  25.  Sa 6th RabiulAwal1439
    Clear blue sky and no chill or chilly winds only cheels (eagles ) flying over probably because some neighbour is feeding them RED to get the blessings of the dear merciful Lord All Mighty Allah Amen refused egg breakfast so i get cheese burger brunch😜
  26.  Sun 7th RabiulAwal1439
    Clear blue sky no wind and the morning is warmer both inside and outside . I have just had tea but my sunday morning breakfast is also almost ready when ever i am . The twitter is still down so it is silly typing this on google translate for the letter
  27.  Mon 8th RabiulAwal1439
    Okay i had a very good night sleep with mosquitoes singing like fairies did not turn on the fan and luckily there are no bite marks on the face or body , No fever headache or muscle pain very relaxed fresh Had Aloo samosa with tea & cake leftover 😇😇
  28. Tues 9th RabiulAwal 1439
    10:05 am yes the winter has  departed . So anyways its a clear blue sky again and no winds . I had a  full night sleep again tonight so movies no games woke up at seven went  to the the shop and brought eggs , Bread Buns and ghee had tea no breakfast
  29. Wed 10th RabiulAwal 1439
    9:40 am The Morning Clouds have now cleared and we have a clear blue Sunny Sky no winds or winter winters watched two half movies last night and this morning not very good having cold water instead of hot tea no fever no muscle pain had fan on sleep
  30.  Thurs 11th RabiulAwal 1439
    9:34 am War dogs ,Takers, I hate luv storys before a good night sleep and EuroTrip after waking up had half egg sandwich with lots of tea for breakfast . Its a clear blue sky sunny and hot outside must be around 30 31 C why im wearing a sweater OFF

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 101

Tonight we regret to inform you that we do not have the sponsor for Wasiq1Wise series . Any Inconvenience is highly regretted .

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 100

Investing One percent of shared property or about Ten percent of your share in repair and maintenance may be the greatest investment if you are lucky , But it will still be like Praying for rain in Karachi on a hot sunny day, You never Know !

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 99

Respect is a two way street cannot be either , Love can be one-sided either or Neither But Ignorancia no saber (sp) is a password protected free wifi .

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 98

To Divorce you have to be married legally unless something cross your mind while you are down on your knees

Sunday, October 1, 2017


  1. Sun 10th Muharram1439
    So today is the haleem less Ashura the weather may be chilly in the  morning but around noon it is hot because of the clear blue sunny sky .  Thank God i don't have to go out today and search for the open roads and  streets of jamshedtown Karachi☕️🍪😍
  2. Mon 11th Muharram1439
    a little bit slower morning and noon i believe i am finally up & ready to go out so sad to hear about the shooting in a music festival in #lasvegas Must be somebody trying to sleep on vacation or maybe lost a fortune & thinking for an excuse for wife 🦃
  3. Tues 12th Muharram1439
    The day begins partly cloudy last night 3 Ranveer singh commercials were making a hit & run back to back  on most cable channels a shampoo, a toothpaste and a mobile. Finally intelligentsia grows up from WHY ? to HOW ? in #LasVegasShooting 600 too much
  4. Wed 13th Muharram 1439
    Up washed tended the farm on farmville 2 the country escape had Brunch watching stunning Gauhar Khan's Fever #LasVegas 42 guns minus 21 is 21 guns ....🍚
  5.  Thurs 14th Muharram1439
    everything the same especially the hot and humid weather . woke up had brunch finished eddie's task on the farmville 2 the country escape. too much static in the cable ....net disturbed . Watching Rebecca Ferguson's space/NASA thriller "LIFE" 😍
  6. Fri 15th Muharram1439
    While helping out eagle eye eddie on farmville 2  i watched Mindblowing  performance of Shraddha kapoor in Haseena parkar. All digital clocks showing different temperatures 31 , 30, 28 °C hot sunny outside sky clear no clouds not blue #JumaMubarak 🥀
  7. Sa 16th Muharram1439
    At noon the morning chill is gone somebody has ordered a sizzler weekend for karachi during the jewish harvest festival of Sukkot. I sleep all night thanks to net shutdown and no hunting for water night having mutton yakhni while waiting for brunch ☕️
  8. Sun 17th Muharram1439
    okay at noon its getting hotter but not as much as it was predicted also there is an unexpected wind so it is bearable in the shades i woke up late so the breakfast time is all gone now lets see if i have the brunch or not oh no i had to bring yogurt🙃
  9.  Mon 18th Muharram 1439
    the morning was okay not very hot slight wind & water in the tap not very warm lets see how the rest of the day treats karachi and its God Forsaken people did not download a movie last night so i have no choice but to watch Baji Maryam Show Live🦃👽 🦃👽
  10.  Tues 19th Muharram 1439
    okay after a chilly morning the weather is heating up no wind very dry let's see what happens in the evening . been up since nine watched the see me 2 movie with cable tv torture ads for those who fall asleep during 😴had lunch watchin Dark chocolate
  11. Wed 20th Muharram 1439
    So this morning before going to sleep i finally did it no no not that of-course don't be ridiculous  watched the Movie The God Father in full on HBO with ads had to stay up anyways for water hunting then after waking up i watched Mary todd lincoln🎃😿
  12. Thurs 21th Muharram 1439
    Woke up to see almost 50% waning gibbous on a clear blue and sunny sky The inferno in California is burning down karachi as well anyways played farmville 2 had lunch and watched Saba qamar's Hindi medium on cable with torture ads if neha dhupia can..
  13.  Fri 22nd Muharram 1439
    So not the curse, it is either the wood mite or this hot dry spell which may be the real cause of our nearly dead Mango tree to lose the last branch as well RIP tree cutter missed the appointment last Sunday surely the Builder Mafia works in mysterious ways  😎
  14.  Sa 23rd Muharram1439
    Noon yes i have been up since nine but forgot to see up to the waning moon its gone now the met office through media tickers promise a gradual decline in this high temperature its more humid today or maybe i am feeling it no chance of rain made brunch😻
  15.  Sun 24th Muharram 1439
    yes it cooler outside my clock shows 34°C probably due to kitchen activity its 31 in the rest there is a very light wind but the sun is cooler today no doubt the waning crescent is right on my head probably the last i saw at this time new moon on 20th 00:12
  16.  Mon 25Muharram1439
    Don't know why but this room clock is showing 34 its 2 degree less elsewhere in the house today not very hot or humid outside missed the waning crescent sighting so until next waning next month watched kareena kapoor's UDTA Punjab JWM lost in translation🕺
  17.  Tues 26th Muharram 1439
    I am up early that is before nine news been watching parineeti's one of my favorites hasee toh phasee with a different angle because every single time i missed the meeta's intro thought they knew well from the past anyways got to go i love the ending
  18.  Wed 27th Muharram 1439
    Well no chance of a waning crescent sighting in the morning its clear blue sky today eagles flying high good weather for outdoors gardening early morning watched Ileana D'cruz Rustom again with tea very sorry for those who lost money in man booker LOL
  19.  Thurs 28thMuharram1439
    Clear blue sky occasional wind new moon tonight after midnight at 00:12 nobody cares about sighting of safar moon Watched the ending of Hansel & Gretel witch hunters after that i was trying to watch pirates of Caribbean black pearl curse fall asleep💤
  20.  Fri 29th Muharram 1439
    Okay it is the last friday juma of Muharram Hindus must be dead drunk after celebrating diwali heard fireworks last night that were a little different in sound more bhang and less oomph 😌 haven't watched a movie in the last 24 hrs early weekend han😴
  21.  Sa 30thMuharram1439
    So it seems that the moon was not sighted and so today is the 30th of Muharram and not the first of Safar 1439 . its clear blue sky hot but windy so it feels good inside just broke my no movie weekend sabbath with puss in Boots animated while on door duty
  22.  Sun 1st Safar 1439
    Okay i woke up few minutes before eight am but even after a cup of tea i am not yet fully awake struggling to get back in the mood . i believe i am two hours early so lets see if i can stay up or fall back to sleep. Its totally no wind sunny blue sky ☀️
  23.  Mon 2nd Safar 1439
    Scattered clouds no wind very humid. Cable trouble internet breaking up having to shut on and off so i hope that this may get through . Had very good night sleep and woke up very fresh had very strong tea and now planning a good brunch and watch a movie 😎
  24.  Tues 3nd Safar 1439
    So it seems there is a calibration difference in the two digital clocks thermometers one is showing  32°C and the other is one degree less in the same room which was showing two degree less in the hall an hour ago so anyways it was chilly earlier 🎃
  25.  Wed 4thSafar1439
    Not sure if fall asleep or watched the end of Helen Slater's Super Girl on HBO last night for the first time Woke up to the Phulki Karhi jam. I love Karhi jams LOL later i had power and broadband cable net Shutdown twice the Sun is burning hot outside☕️
  26.  Thurs 5th Safar1439
    Okay the3: 33 pm is blinking as Asr time in the clock on the wall so anyways Good Morning ! i will be brief today as i have finally watched the Great Raman Raghav 2.0  that too on the day time cable movie channel eating little bits with tea no lunch🤠
  27.  Fri 6th Safar1439
    Woke up nine-ish hunted for water noon-ish went to the market oven and brought four kinds of breads had brunch went for juma prayers on a first friday of new moon month avoided biryani returned had lunch now sleeping or will be soon ARY widow dead RIP😎
  28.  Sa 7th Safar1439
    Oh no its the week end weekend again this time it came very fast . And half of it is already almost gone no movies today just eating and farmville . So finally the digital clock thermometer in this room is down one degree centigrade Thank-god its working🦃
  29. Sun 8thSafar1439
    Woke up nine ish turned off the fan and sleep happily ever after got up near eleven had tea checked the burning Sun outside its cool in the shade came back inside took a bath and now  i am here sipping tea waiting to see when i should turn the fan on again🌞
  30.  Mon 9thSafar1439
    Facebook says : We don't have anything to show you from October 30, but here are some memories from other days we thought you might like to look back on. ?? Today is one of the quiet ist monday mornings in my history . Even the slow fan needs blanket  cool🌞
  31.  Tues 10thSafar1439
    Finally watched the beginning of liv tyler's the Incredible Hulk 2008 There is no new or unwatched movie on the cable  they are probably calling to tell it or increase the subscription Btw what no re-dial calling one missed call means interested or not? 🤔

Wasiq1Wise : 97

  Should Only and always marry a girl a with a property if you loves the kick

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Aftermath (2017)

Aftermath PosterI rated Aftermath 6/10 on IMDb. Learn more and add it to your Watchlist - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4581576/?ref_=prss_rt