Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jab Harry met Sejal (2017)


Jab Harry met Sejal (2017)

2:32 | Trailer
After losing her engagement ring while touring Europe, a woman and her tour guide retrace their steps in order to find it.



30 ( 1
 Zaveri is an Indian surname , mainly found among the Gujarati people. The word "Zaveri" (also spelled Jhaveri) means jeweler, and is derived from the Arabic Javahari. Though not all people with surname Zaveri are jewellers by profession, the surname indicates that their ancestors must have been jewelers.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 95

Some are born Americans , Some become Americans Yaar abdul lateef never give up dreaming RIP

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 94

Freedom without constitution is like milk without container and democracy without rule of Law is like garden without tending

Wasiq1Wise : 93

If the distance is two kilometers you can walk , drive or fly but you can not reach there without completing the two kilometers distance

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


  1. Tue 8th Ziqad1438
    Delhi Bombay Kathiawar all gone wiped flushed.Prayed and now after a brief pause over to an unmarked karhai chicken😝
  2.  Wed 9th Ziqad 1438
    On a Wednesday like today after a Transition Power Tuesday reminds me of nawabzada nasrullah khan's sultani ay jamhoor ka ata hai zamana
  3.  Thurs 10th Ziqad 1438
    Awesome Mausam very cool breeze got up very late missed all the missed calls & msgs from telenor had brunch pray
  4. Fri 11th Ziqad 1438
    Woke up cleaned went for the juma namaz did shopping returned had lunch & tea still the eyes are half shut sleepy 😜
  5.  Sa 12th Ziqad 1438
    Despite a hard and fast ex communication in the submerged  Uncle's SOS got through,despite long slumber TCS hands MOU , Police guard returns  U boats sank Ahh!
  6.  Sun 13th Ziqad 1438
    we have water and enough power and enough internet and enough awesome Mausam sun comes out from nowhere planning to go  for zuhr waiting ...
  7.  Mon 14th Ziqad 1438
    sleep after fajr at mosque and long walk . Woke up eat nihari and pray and eat and eat and pray and shop and eat 🕺🏿
  8.  Tues 15th Ziqad 1438
    Freedom without constitution is like milk without container and democracy without rule of Law is like garden without tending 
  9.  Wed 16th Ziqad 1438
    woke up very happy to have survived the flu & cold but had an unfortunate plumbing mishap assisting Bruise & blood😩
  10.  Thurs 17th Ziqad 1438
    Awesome Mausam no rain or drizzle yet trying my best not to eat  typing with injured hand no problem changed dressing
  11.  Fri 18th Ziqad 1438
    The weather has been changing all day since i woke up went for juma prayer with a bandaged hand nobody noticed LOL🐾
  12.  Sa 19th Ziqad 1438
    Partly cloudy windy woke up with a runny nose and itchy bandage but the real bad news is that cat has more kittens 🙄
  13. Sun 20th Ziqad 1438
    Up extremely early less than four hours of sleep no intention of sleeping again soon still missed the breakfast Ha😎 
  14.  Mon21stZiqad1438
    everybody is sleeping because it is a holiday hand much better had halwa puri breakfast will resume sleeping shortly🇵🇰
  15.  Tues 22nd Ziqad 1438
    Got up very early downloaded SRK movie and watched JHMS Loved Anushka's accent Thanks Rab once again had interval main brunch & lunch😎
  16.  Wed 23rd Ziqad 1438
    woke up took meds with tea played ludo star and win had lunch  watched get smart again too much spaming from tcom 😊
  17.  Thurs 24th Ziqad1438
    Extremely awesome mausam cool windy cloudy no sun woken up for halwa puri azadi fever continues aunti quits no spamming 🕺🏿
  18.  Fri 25th Ziqad1438
    woke up to the amazing smells of red & white meat cooking cleaned went to juma prayer came back had lunch and sleep😌

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 92

Imagine the plight of a married person caught between blood and in-laws relations where one side trying to tame a narcissist and the other applying hypnosis La méthode Coué and the vice won't budge .

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 91

Those who Hate books in life generally or idiosyncratically  , Hates Facebook Globally !

Saturday, July 1, 2017


  1. Sa 6th Shawal 1438
    Over twenty four hours here in karachi without another round of the rapid fire #KarachiRain so i believe its over 😌😆
  2.  Sun 7th Shawal 1438
    Okay its Zuhr time and i must have over slept for an hour or two but still my sleep is not complete Struggling No ☕️
  3.  Mon 8th Shawal 1438
    The weather today is kind of a chola chaat a little bit of clouds, haze, wind and lots of Bright & Hot burning Sun🌞
  4.  Tues 9th Shawal 1438
    woke up early by power shutdown must be the people tortured by #FraudNewsmedia Very Strong winds changed my mood 🙄
  5.  Wed 10th Shawal 1438
    Very nice weather we have here in karachi today cool breeze Oh i missed the Sleeping Suits Dynasty show Oye Dapty😱
  6.  Thurs 11th Shawal 1438
    a full ten days after ramzan the daily routines of prayers and Sleep has not changed much Awesome Mausam outside😊🌥
  7.  Fri 12th Shawal 1438
    Oh my God what an Awesome Amazing Mausam outside after juma prayers totally Silver sky no Sun no rain no kechard😻🌂
  8.  Sa 13th Shawal 1438
    After the early morning drizzle the weather and sky is partly sunny and it could remain the same or go either way😴   Image result for aww shucks gif  . 
  9. Sun 14th Shawal 1438
    When i woke up or should i say i was wake up by a power disturbance and fluctuations and shutdown mosquitoes sing😊
  10.  Mon 15th Shawal 1438
    Awesome Mausam silver sky no drizzle. Zuhr namaz done ,lunch done , dhobi done, Bills done,tree trim , JIT done 🎅🏿
  11.  Tue16th Shawal1438
    Don't understand why a drizzle that's been going on since i went to sleep stopped soon after i wake up ??Awesome☔️😌
  12.  Wed 17th Shawal 143831°C
    Mrs Maalik you are Fired! please clear the desk and surrender your security pass before you leave ASAP LOL 💝🙋🏿‍♂️💝
  13. Thurs 18th Shawal 1438
    waking up to a no chip chip not wet nor humid cool july after a very hot june is a blessing Happy without Rain ✌🏿
  14. Fri 19th Shawal1438
    After Juma exact replica china copy weather of previous Friday only the feel is different a little hot & humid☁️🤳🏿

  15. Sa 20th Shawal1438
    Tinted Sun very cloudy hot and dry no chance of predicted rain not even drizzle at least here in Jamshedtown 🌂😌😎🌥️

  16. Sun 21st Shawal 1438
    So this must be the Rain they were scaring & warning about An exposed crow's nest with new born after tree trim had no protest😴 
  17. Mon 22nd Shawal 1438
    woke up early few hours ago with a very hurtful wintery cramp worked in garden in hot sun now its cloudy cool 🕺🏿🌂
  18. Tues 23rd Shawal 1438
    Been up since noon enjoying the great outside watching the Sky changing from silver to blue cloud designs Awesome
  19. Wed24th Shawal1438
    Woke up with an amazing display of Clouds design drawing shutter speed sun&cover later drizzle, samasa tea 🌤️🌥️🌦️☕️🥙
  20. Thurs 25th Shawal 1438
    my o my after a very wet wet wet or Awesome silver sky and cloud design mausam looks like PMLN sponsored clothes dryer karachi 😎😎🌋
  21. Fri 26th Shawal 1438
    Happy Juma Mubarak ! even though there was No awesome mausam no rain no drizzle no judgement no date fix no new PM today !
  22.  Sa 27th Shawal 1438
    Woke up a little later to a colorful food , partly sunny light breeze and a complete Cable and broadband internet shutdown 
  23. Sun 28th Shawal 1438
    Half Up for fajr before Sunrise 5:56 am having tea now trying to gather all strength to go bring puri breakfast
  24. Mon 29th Shawal 1438
    Moon almost two percent waxing should be sighted where the sky is clear not here in jamshedtown karachi Cool wind😇
  25. Tues 1st Ziqad 1438
    i am still sleeping almost up..the twitter trends show city and countries names some having Blast Maldives coup☕️
  26. Wed 2nd Ziqad 1438
    very little traffic near mosque and imam dargah karachi police rangers and vendors on high alert awesome mausam🕺🏿😎
  27. Thurs 3rd Ziqad 1438 31°C Awesome Mausam as usual cool windy But the marble tile flooring in mosque courtyard was a little warmer to walk 🐾
  28. Fri 4th Ziqad 1438
    Humpty Dumpty Had a great fall
    All the King's horses and all the king's men are eating non sugar-free sweets💫✨
  29. Sa 5th Ziqad 1438
    The weather is getting awesome and awesome since i woke up went for zuhr namaz and it started drizzling awesome 😇
  30. Sun 6th Ziqad1438
    Finally up for the day washed cleaned no shave prayed with the first azans no taking chances weather same no rain
  31. Mon 7th Ziqad 1438
    Very Cool Breeze and partly sunny cloudy sky . Had left over Maghaz nihari in late brunch after zuhr namaz 😇😝🐫🌥️

Monday, June 19, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 90

My life seems to be at a standstill . People Good or Bad to me are neither being rewarded nor punished proportionately . Feels like doing  unaccounted for time during the long trial pending decision

Sunday, June 18, 2017

18th june 2017

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Wasiq1Wise : 89

when a mother any mother dies she dies alone But when the mother in Law of a Waring bride dies the game dies with her Happy #Fathersday

Friday, June 16, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 88

Calcium orange dissolve into solution. wood burn to ashes , No matter how hard i try to be left alone Forgotten The Rock Shines again

Thursday, June 1, 2017


  1. Thurs 5th Ramzan 1438
    Missed the pomp and fair of the Majestic Parliament of Pakistan Sans the Judiciary 4 times shutdown of power 😎
  2. Fri 6th Ramzan1438
    so finally the French president realized that its not the climate mais Google traduction qui tue une langue morte🎧
  3. Sa 7th Ramzan 1438
    So it is the end of the First week of Ramzan usually its counted by tens not by week but last has nine #EID26June🌔
  4. Sun 8th Ramzan 1438
    last day of the #FruitBoycott first major socialmedia campaign that really had an impact & support from all Cool!
  5. Mon 9th Ramzan 1438
    Partly cloudy blue sky very hot down under no change yet no signs of rain . Facebook introduces memories of May OUCH !
  6. Tues 10th Ramzan 1438
    up cleaned washed surfed walked shopped prayed browzed electric power gone net gone Uncertain weather partly cloudy 
  7. Wed 11th Ramzan 1438
    Its very partly cloudy weather but even hotter sun Clouds are thicker but are not able to develop into a rain system 
  8. Thurs 12th Ramzan 1438
    Hide and seek the downpour is playing with me  Monkey business on a sunny afternoon Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh 
  9. Fri 13th Ramzan 1438
    Upish noonish its friday means Juma prayer to go to in this very hot Sunny afternoon Oh God No rain please ☀️
  10. Sa 14th Ramzan 1438
    If you touch the body of Any Air conditioned car parked under the Sun you will know how hot it is...Toy Guns Ban
  11. Sun 15th Ramzan 1438
    So on an other wise a very peaceful sunday morning or noon the Dr Qadri returns to lahore and rejects JIT Bang!
  12. Mon 16th Ramzan 1438
    Cool windy partly cloudy i sleep
    all morning from fajr till Zuhr the 16th roza is almost over in four hours 🌂👓🌹
  13. Tues 17th Ramzan 1438
    Zuhr it is hear the Azan Same weather No sign of yesterdays Virus a donkey cart parked outside full Farmville🐾
  14. Wed 18th Ramzan1438
    Woke up cleaned prayed Zuhr the power & net was off so enjoyed the partly cloudy windy brushed fallen leaves 🥀⛅️
  15. Thurs 19th Ramzan 1438
    Light & shadow mostly cloudy sky windy cool Drizzle is a must could even rain someday PM appeared before JIT 
  16. Fri 20th Ramzan 1438
    Calcium orange dissolve into solution. wood burn to ashes , No matter how hard i try to be left alone Forgotten The Rock Shines again
  17. Sa 21st Ramzan 1438
    Almost Awesome Mausam Silver sky windy no rain and the T for .....  mobile network is off Love ALI (KAW) #YoumeAli 
  18. Sun 22nd Ramzan 1438
    when a mother any mother dies she dies alone But when the mother in Law of a Waring bride dies the game dies with her Happy #Fathersday
  19.  Mon 23rd Ramzan 1438
    Awesome mausam Silver sky cool breeze light occasional drizzle . I am up early even before 347 & company V sleepy🙃
  20. Tues 24th Ramzan 1438
    yesterday i wrote Awesome mausam Silver sky cool breeze light occasional drizzle it was gone by noon today its Zuhr 👓
  21. Wed 25th Ramzan 1438
    Awesome Mausam Silver sky occasional Drizzle no rain  The Last Wednesday in Ramzan four days to go before Eid 🌙🕌
  22. Thur 26th Ramzan 1438
    Silver sky no drizzle At fajr i probably saw the last 6.9% waning ramzan Moon 3 days to Eid Happy #ShabeQadar 🕌
  23. Fri 27th Ramzan 1438
    Awesome Mausam Silver sky cool wind very rainy but no rain . Happy #Jumatulwida Taravee khatam 2 days to Eid 😃😇😊😍
  24. Sa 28th Ramzan 1438
    New Moon 7:30am(0.2%) This sehri fajr & Morning at Zuhr routine in ramzan brings me closer to Karachi millionaires a day to Eid
  25.  Sun 29th Ramzan 1438
    Partly cloudy hot and dry no wind . Humanity Burns in Bahawalpur Punjab Thank God we have an Army . Eid tomorrow 🙃
  26. Mon 1st Shawal 1438
    Oh My God its burning out there offered eid prayer visited graveyard the Kachori queue was too long sorry no luck 😇
  27.  Tues 2nd Shawal 1438
    Wow what an amazing awesome Mausam in karachi the kind we have after the rain have i missed something police score 51 arrests at seaview Good 😇
  28.  Wed 3rd Shawal 1438
    The Pillow is all wet , three dresses wet , Who needs rains in karachi We are the Rain How to find the Ass you ate ? 😢
  29.  Thurs 4th Shawal 1438
    Last night we only had half hour of rain and five hours of power breakdown Some areas under MQM Bhatta ☔️were more Lucky 🎅🏿
  30.  Fri 5th Shawal 1438
    o yeee freezing cold water ....am i in karachi or in Heaven ? Thank you Dear merciful lord All Mighty Allah Amen !😇

Friday, May 19, 2017

Sarkar 3 (2017)

Sarkar 3 Poster
The third film in Ram Gopal Varma's Sarkar trilogy, which chronicles the exploits of a powerful political figure.



, (story and screenplay) | 2 more credits »

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Friday, May 5, 2017

Wasiq1Wise : 85

Eight years of torture wipe out overnight #ObamaCare goes into the Bin, SaudiArabia BFF again That's What i call Winning without .. Anyways !

Monday, May 1, 2017

Fire with Fire (2012)

Fire with Fire Poster


  1. Mon 4th Shaban 1438
    I am up but i don't feel like i am up its either #laborday or #MayDay either way its a holiday rallies jam traffic 
  2.  Tues 5th Shaban 1438
    wake up to an awesome mausam cool breeze and silver sky no sun hope it stays that way all day today no net 😠😡☹️
  3.  Wed 6th Shaban 1438
    Unlike past few days today i wake up to a clear blue sky and bright sunny weather & electric power off its back now
  4.  Th 7th Shaban 1438
    Not clear blue a little haze or smoke not cloudy or partly cloudy cool light breeze Grow Trees Damn it save Karachi 
  5.  Fr 8th Shaban 1438
    Eight years of torture wipe out overnight #ObamaCare goes into the Bin SaudiArabia BFF again That's What i call Winning without Anyways!
  6.  Sa 9th Shaban 1438
    The Weather today is just the same as it was yesterday maybe a little hotter at this time of the day Happy Sabbath 🥃
  7.  Sun 10th Shaban1438
    The Happy Mothers day is just a week away on Sunday 14th of May 2017 hope everybody is ready & decided what to do 
  8. Mon11thShaban1438
    Marine Le Pen has been defeated 😜 @EmmanuelMacron Wins Well i knew he could but i didn't know he should Maggi Noodles
  9.  Tues 12th Shaban 1438
    Narcissism is simple , easy and self contained until you hear it from a lawyer or the Shrink 🐚🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌚🌝🌛🌜🌙
  10.  Wed13th Shaban 1438
    Another Sleepless night for most of the CNN World #fakenews as Our very Dear Mr DJ @POTUS said YOU"RE FIRED James 👠
  11.  Th 14th Shaban 1438
    Weather cool before morning shows Anyways Thanks for praying and wishing well for me and my dearly departed Parents
  12.  Fri 15th Shaban 1438
    Power Crisis Worsens Haji ARY twisting in grave #PECHS as #CJP Takes #SuoMoto  #Bahria Enclave #FizaAli MIA 🏄🏿‍♀️📻
  13.  Sa 16t hShaban 1438
    So it seems that the morning wake up calls are wrapping up the fun time competition time quickly today Happy Sabbath 😴
  14.  Sun 17th Shaban1438
    Waking up to very polluted Air and sound Sunday Morning Thanks to the KE power load shedding  Happy Mothers Day☀️🕶️
  15.  Mon18thShaban1438
    clear blue sky it was cooler just a little while ago but i guess it must be getting hotter outside now Muttonless day
  16.  Tues 19th Shaban 1438
    the weather is exactly the same as yesterday having tea and watching a movie Happy Ending on the cable in house 
  17.  Wed 20th Shaban 1438
    So if the First of Ramzan1438 on Sunday the 28th of May and India is already mourning the #CPEC #OBOR then i WON 😛
  18.  Th21st Shaban1438
    Partly cloudy & windy cool and thankful Thursday Good Morning the count down to the holy month of Ramzan 9 days to go
  19.  Fri 22nd Shaban 1438
    Trump Forget! Just like he forget most of the election rhetoric Simple might fire james again LOL Windy cool 8 day to go 
  20.  Sa 23 Shaban 1438
     Wow what a Sabbath! The Saudis are making Trump a Rais for a day and  Iran if you have the money Raisi a president Awesome Mausam 7 day to go 
  21.  Sun 24th Shaban 1438
    Poor #Iran Same old #Rouhani Saudis having all the fun with Rais and the Firsts awesome Weather here 6 days to go😀
  22.  Mon25/8/1438
    From Al Rais of the filthy Rich today Mr Trumb is heading to be beggars "Nazi" or Nasi whatever.partly cloudy 5days to go 
  23. Tues 26/8/1438
    #Manchester School night concert Blast has the world distracted so much Nobody cares anymore. Strong winds 4 days to go 
  24.  Wed 27th Shaban 1438
    Awesome Mausam silver sky cool breeze unbelievable that i almost survived a joke on me by the half past dead 3 days to go
  25.  Thurs 28th Shaban1438
    Hot and humid No silver sky cloudy no blue sky must be smoking i mean smoky or haze whatever just 2 days to go🕶️
  26.  Fri 29th Shaban 1438
    Walk after fajr on empty roads which will be jam later in the day is an amazing feeling New moon (00:44) 0.3% Day to go 
  27.  Sa 30th Shaban1438
    Last after dawn breakfast with a mango fallen from mango tree caught by the Banana tree fresh & juicy Ramzan Tomorrow
  28.  Sun 1st Ramzan 1438
    okay its afternoon the actual morning mood was horrible because of power breakdown during sehri Ramzan mubarak 2All
  29.  Mon 2nd Ramzan1438
    Second roza half way had over five hours sleep still very sleepy cable static problem exists have power Bank Holiday
  30. Tues 3rd Ramzan 1438
    Nine hours sleep got up did washing cleaning and praying now maybe cooking karachi and PMLN already Burning Mercy🤣
  31. Wed 4th Ramzan 1438
    So the Most Powerful President of All times can also invent a word for both English and American in a #COVFEFE cool