Sunday, November 21, 2010

NATO quits...?

It seems that russia has agreed to co-operate more with NATO in Afghanistan war by allowing the non military NATO supplies to Afghanistan from its territory. 
There is so much going on in the portugese capital Lisbon this weekend that an insignificant issue as that of NATO supplies got agreed upon without getting noticed ....Honestly I don't see it as any benificial to the US or its troops in Afghanistan.... for russians it is a good opportunity to get rid of some of their junk by selling it to the NATO.
Obviously the russian route to Afghanistan will not be any safer or easier than the Pakistan route...there will be burning and looting of NATO supplies from russia as well.The giving up of Pakistan route sound so silly to me I cannot imagine how the pentagon will agree to it before a complete troops withdrawl.

to lisbon the Alpha− world city

floating power plant from turkey....kaya bey.

Friday, November 19, 2010

this is how we do it....

three delicious goats...meheinnnn

hungry goat...wants my bread...
in the trunk....home to roast..
weighing spring balance
organ meat ...liver,kidney,lungs,etc
girls dividing the shares
poor gets all this and more..
Trotters ...
animal hides donated to papa's friends seminary

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Port Grand ...from dream to reality

As a child growing up in Karachi I had two reasons to be there under the jinnah was the old native jetty bridge where we used to go on the tenth of muharrum to witness the throwing of the floats into the sea....and the second reason was the beach luxury hotel ....papa being the tax man had to attend a lot of official and semi-official functions at the beach luxuary hotel I loved to just go along and hang-out uncle's wedding reception was held there fortunately I never got to meet the shrewd and cunning Avari's but somehow papa liked them...these are the occupational hazards you have to learn to live with when you are related to a govt servant on a very responsible post...anyways we had a complimentary dinner with family on the roof-top restaurant at the avari towers and a farewell tea-party from the office at beach luxuary on the day of his superannuation...that was the last time I ever visited the Avari shrines....they never interfered with my life
Today was the first saturday after the CID HQ blast on thursday...I was like everybody else in karachi sad and uncertain about anything so I decided to go and checkout the much awaited PORT GRAND food street under the jinnah bridge.It seems almost ready.I loved the beautiful gardens and the fully grown trees...its a luxuary indeed in a very smoggy port environment....hats off to the hard workin gardeners...
some people are spreading rumors that this place is being built for the americans only and it would be impossible for the people of karachi to visit without an american passport or a pass from the black water security agency of the new american consulate on mai kolachi and also that it would not be safe because of the everyday blasts and attacks at the american embassy....
after seeing the parameter myself I believe that a regular blast or attack on the new US(american) consulate should not disturb your meal at the Port Grand.The Occasional fireworks from the various naval exercises might even spice up your sushi's a little...
I cannot promise to be a very regular visitor of the Port Grand but occasionally seems like a very nice option for one of my escapades.Although I find it very hard to believe that they would let go of their charter of seeing me with someone (a table for two to a welcome me alone.;p