Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clinton eulogies Anne Patterson for outstanding service

On a personal note, I want to recognize Ambassador Anne Patterson, who is with us and has done an extraordinary job representing the United States in Islamabad at a critical time in our history. And it will be my privilege, Anne, to present you with the Secretary’s award for Outstanding Service, and welcome home. (Applause.)

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Ben Franklin Room
Washington, DC
October 22, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frank Ruggiero briefs the press

the power to buy cadbury makes the difference.....

Irene B. Rosenfeld the chairperson and CEO of America's largest food giant Kraft food Inc was number 6th last year in the list of Most powerful women of 2009After german chancelor Angela markel and Indra nooyi of PepsiCo...this year after the merger of Kraft foods with British chocolate manufacturer Cadbury...Irene is number two second to Michelle Obama the US first lady.
Irene is also the highest paid women executive,$16.7 million, 
I eat a lot of cadbury chocolates everyday....and from kraft foods I love tang ,tobleron and sliced cheese which are very easily available here in karachi on every big and small shop...but so far I have not yet seen any cadbury product with a kraft I was wondering if cadbury Pakistan was included in the aggressive almost hostile $18Bn take-over bid inventory or not....change happens

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Liverpool 1 liverpool 2 liverpool 3 !

Liverpool’s new owner John W Henry led the group that bought the Red Sox in 2002 for £435million — more than twice the highest previous price for a sports team.

Since that time, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Red Sox have increased in value to an estimated £755m.

Successful in business and in romance, as witnessed by his courtship and 2009 marriage to Linda Pizzuti, 30 years his junior at 31.

Not only is she beautiful, Linda holds a masters degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of America’s most prestigious universities which boasts 75 Nobel prize winners among its alumni. Henry, by contrast, never graduated from college.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Helping NATO for the US

Recently watching the news on television my niece asked me what is NATO...? I told her it means "North Atlantic treaty organization"she said okay...but after that I begin to think....
Pakistan is not a signatory to it like Albania ,Turkey and other 26 countries...(28 in all).
Pakistan is also not a partner country like ireland and russia or the NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue like Israel and Egypt Or
Istanbul cooperation Initiative(ici) like Bahrain and UAE
Pakistan is not even in the Contact countries like Australia and Japan...
So why is that every other day we hear a Pakistan-Nato related news on international media especially about the convoys being attacked or burned somewhere in a remote area of Pakistan on or near the border of Afghanistan.

Well so far what i have learned on a need to know basis is that US is at war in Afghanistan thousands of troops marines and air force is deployed across the landlocked country...and Pakistan happens to be in the neighborhood eager to make quick bucks out of anybody's misery....offered its already existing road network built probably by the US money in Aid over the years....not expecting or demanding any other privileges that other Nato countries hope for in order not to be obliged to abide by any  responsibility that the member countries have to...
So what happens now is that US and Nato supplies and JP-8 fuel is offloaded at Karachi Port by ships and then from here it goes all the way into Afghanistan through 18-wheelers which take couple of days.
Recently there have been too many arson attacks on these convoys carrying everything easily combustible...or there is a growing concern on both sides of  this unholy alliance of a Non Nato Pakistan and Nato.
 If  Nato takes action in the Pakistani side of the border it violate Pakistan's sovereignty on the other hand if it does not save its could be bad for the fighting troops.