Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wasiq1Wise :44

Being all bright does not mean you are really bright or guarantee Fulbright .

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

6th Rajab 1435 H :Fateha of Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz

802nd Urs of Hazrat Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz Moin uddin chishti ajmeri (R.A)

Khawaja Ghareeb nawaz (R.A) was the patron saint of my Papa who was from Ajmer , rajistan in India.
Every year we offer the fateha for khawaja saab keeping the tradition of our dearly departed Papa.
The money spent on this purely religious offering may not be possibly amount to the minimum set by the USAID anit-fraud Hot line or the Transparency International but i can assure you that very diligently it was observed that the money spent was Pakistani legally acquired. In Dollar terms Money from the interest or of the interested is not used.Neither today nor on any similar previous occassions.

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