Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sex and the City 2 Trailer

 A truly made for theatre movie....its no real fun watching it on HBO pakistan with juggan kazim keeps popping up with an inch tape for garnier light natural .....the real fun would be to hear the gasp and omphs of the ladies and gentlemen while watching this movie.....the script is so well researched than the first movie ....and believe it or not I hear that dream music in a movie after a long time...two of my very favorite songs sung very beautifully....and above all a Happy ending....perfect ten :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Forbidden Kingdom

Why don't i ever wake up from such adventurous dreams....must be the wrong pillow ....lol

Sorority Wars

very childish ...lacks passion and severity ...totally uncool :(

Saturday, November 26, 2011

From Paris With Love - Trailer 2 HD

I have watched this movie before ....as I recently mentioned...its a bit complicated...seems like the real producer or sponsor of this movie is an Indian or British...because the main character is a combination of eddie murphy ,bruce willis and Vin diesel ...chasing the Gawal mandi gang....I am sure you know what i am talking about....lol

Despicable Me - Theatrical Trailer

I believe that animations should only be watched in continuity without any interruptions...it was on HBO today....but during one of the breaks I switched the channels ....and missed so much that I decided i'll watch it later....but i honestly think its so much better than shriek...1,2,3...lol

Cradle 2 The Grave Trailer HD

Ah another" where are the diamonds?" movie... only here they are black...no i don't mean black as in black i mean black and Chinese...black ...oh ho whatever...!! its a cool action movie with jet li....watched it in hindi very nice dubbing ....full marks !

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Smoking may or may not cause cancer and kill but it sure is a sure sign of light,fire and(pur) Fumes.

Sahi Dhande Galat Bande - Trailer [Extended]

I read somewhere don't remember when and where...."Some are born great,Some achieve greatness and some hire public relations officer ..." Happy ThanksGiving !lol

The First Thanksgiving Story

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pyaar Impossible Theatrical Trailer

well this may be a good movie ,a cool movie and an interesting movie...but don't you feel its a bit odd....before the release of this movie and between the time i saw it for the first time few months back...a lot has changed in my life....I used to have about 700 twitter followers and over three hundred facebook friends and the average blog traffic of above 1000 per week...hello hi with few high profile politico-journalistic hopefuls...about half a dozen drivers and slaves on a seven to seven duty at the gate keeping an eye on the neighbors.....all or most of it is gone ..vanished in thin air....leaving me clueless as to who may or may not be interested in me....I don't know why some people take movies like these so seriously....I can watch this movie again if there is nothing better to do....:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ishqiya Trailer

this is a very good indian movie....I have never watched in full at a time....but today I think i have completed it....it also has a very famous pakistani tv actor/comedian.Vidya balan has acted really great in this movie as well...I think the cable peoples did not get hold of the dirty picture so they are showing this just to build up my curiosity....lol

American Pie Presents: The Book of Love (trailer)

is this pie thing ever gonna end or what....? I watched it on HBO pakistan....thankgod they have no idea that I have watched showgirls and the other blue lagoon(R)..i am forty two be reasonable yaar....before cable & pemra i had better channels ...lol

Aas Paas Khuda (song trailer) - Anjaana Anjaani

Nice music,cool songs,good acting and an interesting story ...I thought kunal is going to take her all the way upto the bridge on that bike....sorry ....sometimes i imagine too fast too quick...lol

Monday, November 21, 2011

Prince -Official Theatrical Trailer [HQ]

I think its religious....I am not sure about the Hindu mythology of Amnesia .....or short term memory loss...but they do focus a lot on it...here the story is about induced amnesia...without intoxicating agents...very cool thought.....usually I like vivek oberoi very much but here he did not get a chance to show his usual charm and wits except for beginning of the movie ....with a flip of a" coin" every thing changes ....lol
Spoiler Alert!!!! This is not a Diamond or Diamond Chase ...movie ..lol

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Charlie's Angels trailer

Boring ..... atleast the sequal has kicking ass demi moore ....I thought everybody forgot this mistake...until the Starmovies found it in some garage sale junk....get a life guys...!

Ek The Power of One Trailer By Sami

good movie....bobby's hair style and nana ji 's acting different ...

I got fox news ....

After being Ex-communicated by the CNNi on the worldcall cable network for almost two days,today I got FOX NEWS. I know its the US and Pakistan elections time again and I am not the least interested.Strange isn't it...?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aladin - Exclusive Theatrical Trailer

Kids these days are such duffers....they will watch this movie...and only remember to name somebody "ALoo" and then forget that too in a week or so....I bet none of the kids who watched this movie cared to Google the real Aladin fairytale...it is useless to make "connect the dots format" movies for these kids...they really don't deserve the kind of access to knowledge and information they have these days...this movie also reminds me of my favorite tv series of the eighties...."THE powers of the Matthew Star "

The Stranger among us (1992)

well sorry about the trailer....it seems there aren't any trailers available for this movie on the youtube...only the links to the whole movie free...no wonder the Anti-semetics are such hard liners...lol.
Anyways seems like a good movie to me a little out dated but good...I specifically like movies like these especially if they educate a lot in less than 2 hrs ...fortunately I watched it on HBO Pakistan (southasia)....believe it on not today they did exactly the same as I do while re-tweeting with a comment of my own. they cut the "while we were in dessert story ..." to save time for an extra commerical I believe....or may be they wanted to make sure if i am awake and sharing attention..lol
RIP mrs basharat :,'(

Broken Arrow (1996)

Tonight I watched it on filmax in urdu language ....yes it was fun.When I was in school kids used to try their best to copy Travolta from his movies saturday night fever and Staying Alive but now he has become a mean machine ...all I can do is pray the kids of today and tomorrow don't try to copy what he does right now...
 Broken Arrow Poster

Broken Arrow (1996)

108 min  -  Action | Thriller  -   9 February 1996 (USA)
Your rating:
Ratings: 5.9/10 from 54,814 users

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Bourne Identity (Trailer)

I like the whole series...it would be very difficult for me to pick one favorite....I have been a very steady fan of Matt Damon since "Good will Hunting" and the role of jason bourne suits him very well...impatiently waiting for the next sequel due in few months.

Today's Dawn not delivered...what's so special about it...?

Bubble Gum 2011 trailer Full HD New hindi Movie Based on School Life

shown very late at night and not sponsored by candyland....this suggest only one thing....lol

Monday, November 14, 2011

'It's on' - Camp Rock 2: The final jam

Boring !!!!

Just Wright - Trailer

Just hate it when everyone agrees ....especially the cable people....anyways.....ya its ok movie...ha ha !

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge Episode 30 11th November 2011 Part3

Theatrical Trailer - Yeh Saali Zindagi

Its complicated....seems an understatement....lol very nice I love it...yes ! lol


one of the few films that i watched before release...lol atleast that's what I thought at that time...these days the Star Movies channel is perhaps having a bad hair week ..showing all Stallone movies in series...I like Rambo III because it is probably one of the few Hollywood blockbuster that mentions Pakistan in a nice way....usually Pakistan and Karachi is mentioned in a very bad context...I don't have to elaborate...just watch "from paris with love" ...:(

Your Love Never Fails - Movie Trailer

Mann I should have watched this movie Sunday morning yesterday....I missed so much socializing yesterday ,i missed a weekly,monthly ,yearly and a very historic first event and took herbal medicine for my viral cold....This movie has all the ingredients ...a winking judge, an out of this world pastor who knows about Sunday afternoon meetings...lol and Horses...I love movies with horses...ya there you have it ...all my weaknesses...No digging :P

Iron Man 2 Trailer (OFFICIAL)

America loves heroes yes they love heroes...they want to squeeze every last drop of juice in you....if you give them the very best in you they will go after even better.....the two women thing is a sure sign....that America believes in you but it does not trust you...I think this sequel of Iron man is politically correct But that sure is no excuse to make my two favorite female super stars look horrible...Please don't show me this movie again ever...unless you hate me enough....lol

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Singham - Trailer Full HD

well the movie is nice and made with a passion so it seems but the timing is very wrong.The police brutalities have become intolerable in mega-cities like mumbai and karachi...this movie was sponsored by fair&lovely winter fairness cream on starplus and by candyland on my cable.....

West Is West Official Movie Trailer 2011

Now where in Pakistani Pounjob could I ever find a morris minor behind a morris oxford TAXI or the vice versa....or Bournvita on the sole billboard at a highway tea stall....without a model's busty bust....Indians....!
We do have a zamzama here in karachi frequented by the visiting Indians and British Indians....maybe becuase they hear a lot about the massage parlors of zamzama from isi.....the british left zamzama years ago,americans were kicked out by pro-taleban and chinese don't like to be seen holding anything anywhere in pakistan ...so I believe its either the russians or the french who holds zamzama....kakh na jaway tera avein makhol na karein ....rockstar wakha khota na ban...cable walia...lol

Provoked (Aishwarya Rai) - Trailer

Somethings wrong with the cable ....net speed too slow... and British Indian movies......telenor textvertizing....and the viral attact....do I sound too bratish...? lol

3 Thay Bhai Theatrical Trailer

Today I woke up a little late....missed the morning walk (dumm) ...but I was just in time to catch the "terminator parathay " in this movie....I usually walk an extra mile after having any on the go breakfast ....just to remove my doubts...watching this movie I remember the golden words said directly to me in my face once upon a time ... "yeah ap kay lian nahein hai..." ...so true !!!! :P

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sivaji - The Boss ~ Aandhi Ki Tarah (Hindi)

Ah I finally watched it.....I haven't been able to watch rajni ji's ROBOT movie....despite the fact that it has Ashwariya rai bachchan....about this movie I would first like to say that the least said is better....very educational...lol

Saved! Trailer

ok Jesus loves a prom....I knew that...lol

Lifetime trailer for "Who is Clark Rockefeller?" (2010)

Interesting movie ....I like it.!

Not A Love Story Theatrical - 19 Aug

Eid ul Azha special....lol

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Ten Commandments - Movie Trailer

This is the best....my favorite classic ....I always watch it religiously...washed and cleaned ...perfumed...today it was on HBO...I think one of the dialogue of this movie fits somewhat to the HBO on my cable...."are you a Master Builder or a master B****** ? " ...lol

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pyaar Ka Punchnama Movie Trailer

Ah the Presidential veto still exists...and they have been saving it for the eid...cool. The four republican terms in office and two generations of hateful bushes could not occupy the Babylon or the bamiyan valley completely while in just under three year Obama has brought a "Change" which will be so hard to "undo" ....no the movie is not about "OCCUPY OAKLAND or WALLSTREET " ....trust me ....lol

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RED - Trailer

Today is tuesday,November the 8th,2011 its around supper time and this is the funniest movie i have seen in a very long time....Indeed !! :D lol.

Kyaa Kool Hai Hum (2005)

a good spin doctor saves the day...lol 

Kyaa Kool Hai Hum (2005)

Karan Pandey and Rahul are two friends who work in a fashion designers office, and live in a rented apartment. When they are unable to pay the rent, they are dramatically evicted, but sneak... See full summary »



(story), (story)

Bean (1997)

Don't you think we have had enough of Mr Bean ? NO there is hardly enough Mr Bean Movies to go around and I haven't watched his latest yet...but this was as amazing as our very dear Mr Bean is...Amazing !
 Bean Poster

Bean (1997)

85 min  -  Comedy | Family  -   7 November 1997 (USA)
Your rating:
Ratings: 6.0/10 from 46,178 users

Kurbaan new hindi movie promo trailer 2009

yes it is a nice movie to watch..but its a pre-OBL movie...and its an indian movie so obviously the FBI is ridiculed and nobody even bothered to inform the homeland security...tich tich...lol

Monday, November 7, 2011

Die Hard 4 Trailer

Die Hard is a series of re-watchable movies...I like them all...this one is somewhat different because our hero has to not only fight the bad guys while saving his family ,in this sequel he also has to baby-sit (literally) a geek...very entertaining :)

Love Wedding Marriage - Official Trailer [HD]

Totally unwinded almost fell asleep watching this movie after returning from eid prayers and a visit to the family graveyard....hey eid mubarak cable peoples...and thanks ..lol

Eid ul Azha Mubarak

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Race- Hindi Movie- Full Exclusive Trailer

Strange ! the songs were very popular in 2008 and now nobody ever plays them...very interesting movie...:)

Salman teach Ayesha whistle promo from Wanted

Kya movie hai....aur konsa movie channel hai jis pey main ney yeah nahein dekhi hai...in parts of course..:P its on StarPlus right now...btw few of the channels on our cable are now switched to Paksat-1 satellite ...lol


"Praiseth the Lord and eat an IceCream..!"

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love Story 2050 Trailer

Honestly I am not sure what movie is being copied here...but as a Hindi sci-fi not pace challenged is probably one of the best I have seen so far...they have given time-travel an all together different dimension...I thoroughly enjoyed it...it made my day... :)

"The Transporter (2002)" Theatrical Trailer

I have watched transporter 3 before and I think its better....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hangover (2009),the

Ya I know I am sworn cross my heart...no need to remind or elaborate....lol
 The Hangover Poster

The Hangover (2009)

100 min  -  Comedy  -   5 June 2009 (USA)
Your rating:
Ratings: 7.8/10 from 308,584 users  

Two weeks notice - Trailer HD

Oh my God...no Colin firth....no pushing and shoving ....very little stutter and fumble....and the amazing memorable quotes...like this one.."You make Ghandi look like a used cars saleseman. " or this one even better.."Well, I have a machine that simulates the sound of the ocean. " and above all its not at all the KismatKonnection or whatever....ha ha !!

Trailer - Zoolander

I paid the cable bill today....lol

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

'Teen Patti' - Official Movie Trailer - Amitabh Bachchan

No ! I don't understand a word of "Hendi"....no problem its half english and  the other half have only quarter dialogues...its about maths I am sure you will love it....do you remember that movie about "MIT" professor guiding students to a formula for Blackjack....starring Kevin spacey...ya ya that one...well its that and more..."
Powerful script,Good...sorry best actors ...then the credit must fall upon bad directing....yes...or maybe the task of transforming and adapting a good Hollywood thriller for "them" was too much .....lol

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nine - Official Trailer [HD]

Aha I caught "Nine" the musical on filmax(movie channel) in a very mellowed down mood....must be my lucky day....:) it is a great movie about totally demoralizing absolutely insane Italian bitches (women)....lol

Judge Dredd (1995)

me and Star Movies love this movie...you can't miss it especially during the holiday season.....it teaches more law than I believe i learned in law school because in law school I only learned when and how to push the eject button and save yourself from the Academy....:D
Judge Dredd Poster

Judge Dredd (1995)

96 min  -  Action | Crime | Sci-Fi  -   30 June 1995 (USA)
Your rating:
Ratings: 5.2/10 from 51,531 users