Monday, December 27, 2010

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Weekly Address: Merry Christmas from the President & First Lady

saving pakistan from Zinna

Zinna(arabic)is the fundamental and generalized term used in Islamic shariah law for all forms of illegal or extra-marital sexual intercourse and promiscuity.The individuals accused of are called Zanne or Zannia according to gender.
Unlike some western countries like Britain and  france extra-marital sexual intercourse,adultery and promiscuity is not seen very favorably anywhere in the world but somehow people of the world fall for the freedom and choice slogans and the catch phrases like "mind your own business" and "everybody in chrisdale high does it" giving nightmares and wet dreams to everyone...
Pakistan is indeed an islamic state but it has never been a democratic state so most of the islamic laws are imposed on the people without their will by the dictatorial regimes not very Islamic itself.
Once upon a time...upon its creation Pakistan only changed the track from British colony to being an independent of British American ally. 
The British usually or eventually marries the ones they have sex with and live happily ever after and their make ups and break ups is usually referred to as "the only game in town"  makes the social structure of their society strong...brings the communities ,villages and town folks closer.
An American rich or poor has to work harder...go places do not have ample time to think and remember trivial things and society believes in "who cares" or "Nixon was a cheat"  
So if Pakistanis looked up to either of their past and present rulers in deciding about Zinna they have got to observe and adopt a lot of the things from them and change the question is how and who will guide them...? people who study abroad in foreign universities and return as leaders but vary of system or those who learn to walk here but think whats out there is much better.....or God fearing people who hates them both.
It is very interesting to note that most people who interpret islamic sharia law and wants the state to differentiate between  consensual sex or Adultery and Rape argues that the law according to quran and teachings of the prophet allows a zanne to be married only to a zanne....which in dollar terms means that " if you break it you have to buy it...." so they can "live" happily ever after .....on thin ice of course
Rape is a serious crime and a cognizable offense and should be punished and a habitual rapist has no place in the islamic society and the world....a state or the law that gives protection to a habitual rapist and pillorize  the victim cannot be Islamic or judicious.