Thursday, September 16, 2010

pratigiya-krishna scores......

In the most popular starplus channels hindi serial "Pratigiya ..mann ki awaaz" the lead couple Pratigiya(pooja gour) and Krishna (arhaan behl) ultimately scores in the 202nd episode on the janam din (happy Birthday) of Krishna (Arhaan behl).
Usually in a Hindi soap the scoring or not scoring  is not the main focus of the serial for so long after the marriage.... as it has been...neither it is so openly and boldly discussed as it has been even if the Starplus and Star parivaar is trying to make it look like the event for celebration....most Starplus serial viewers must have had a sigh of relief....
me and my parivaar was fortunate enough to watch this episode and the shows of Starplus regularly on the net...but I feel very sorry for the millions of viewers and fans in Karachi,Pakistan who may not have access to the net and must have missed their favorite shows and serials of StarPlus due to a ban on most entertainment channels on cable by the PPP lead government of Pakistan. 


  1. kiya birhtday gift tha.....did she asked the cliche, typical cheesy dialouge....tumharay liye gift lai hoon..KAHAN KHOLO GAY....;)


  2. lol....buss apni apni kismat...apni