Sunday, November 1, 2015


  1. Sun 18th Muharram 1437
    Oh my ..i feel so bad because i missed a super cool chilly morning of Karachi ...having hot tea and sweating without moving a muscle ♥♥♥
  2.  Mon 19th muharram 1437
    Out there in the real world the word on the street is get a license to ....Karachi traffic cops needs asylum ♥♥♥
  3.  Tues 20th Muharram 1437
    3:30 pm
    was offline when i woke up then had power shutdown took an offline  political science on Pak studies class helped sister make a juicy leg roast 
    here now ...♥♥♥
  4.  Wed 21st Muharram 1437
    I am up early because  of power shutdown sweating the chilly weather took a reverse last night feels like the day is going to be much hotter ♥♥♥
  5.  Thu 22nd muharram 1437
    30°C (KE SHUTDOWN)
    Terrorized ....the whole nation especially city folks by the collapse of a multi story building where many hardworking innocent probably GOD FEARING LABORS DIED . This is NOT an act of GOD , it is an act of WAR by the corrupt building control and labor department officials .....THEY SHOULD BE HANGED TO DEATH IN PUBLIC.
  6.  Fri 23rd muharram 1437
    the power is not shutdown yet 10:15am So yesterday it was the Test match sarey ka sara soldier Bazar idher ich agiya chay lol ♥♥♥
  7.  Sa 24th Muharram 1437
    Fajr 6:15am, Sunrise 6:42am, Zuhr 1:45pm. Asr 4:45pm. Sunset/maghrib 5:48pm, Isha 8:00 pm, Sun Meridian 12:16 pm

  8.  Sun 25th Muharram 1437
    For me time flies ....its
    been an hour already since i got out of bed and my eyes are almost shut ...tea is on the way...♥♥♥
  9.  Mon 26th Muharram 1437
    Reading the Allama Iqbal day tweets i so totally forget my cup of hot tea right in front of me next to computer..Refil please ♥♥♥
  10.  Tu 27th Muharram 1437
    OMG ! there is a rainbow in the up coming comedy  movie of dilli wali Kriti Sanon .....absolutely shocked ! LOL
  11. Wed 28th Muharram 1437
    so today i am facing the same old " Card board rebellion" again ... Take a bow Mr or Ms Card Board ♥♥♥ lol
  12.  Thu 29th Muharram 1437
    Breaking News : YouTube Ban is a violation of fundamental Human Rights says petitioner in Supreme Court of Pakistan ♥♥♥
  13.  Fri 30th Muharram 1437
    The Good News is that its friday again. I love walking in the wintry sun when its burning hot mid day without sun block & turn darker ♥♥♥
  14.  Sa 1st Safar 1437
    The first Month of islamic year Muharram is over now is the second month Safar today is the first of safar ♥♥♥
  15.  Sun 2nd Safar 1437
    Happy ThanksGiving is just ten days away & there is no chance of a Roasted Turkey so should i save PRDP download for Friday after next
    LOL ♥♥♥
  16.  Mon 3rd Safar 1437
    Watching PRDP wih extra pillow has made subocciput stiff and left temporal bone ,wings,sphenoparietal suture hurts.
    KIDS don't do this at Home LOL ♥♥♥
  17. Tues 4th Safar 1437
    The Movie (hindi) i was watching before sleep was a full throttle(every sense of the phrase) kind so i wake up with a very normal back in place head thankyou LORD the merciful... ♥♥♥
  18.  Wed 5th Safar 1437
    You wont find it in any Psychology books eng land did not play i did not see the last ball had shandaar sleep alone wake up with occiput muscles relaxed ♥♥♥
  19.  Thu 6th Safar 1437
    it was the coldest night of this season so far i sleep without a fan or mosquitoes.3rd thursday before Happy Thanksgiving !♥♥♥ 
  20. Fri 7th Safar 1437
    the first cat vomit on the dining floor of the season  net disturbed not sure where's the fault another fun friday brewing up for me Thanks ♥♥♥
  21.  Sa 8th Safar 1437
    So sad to hear that a private hospital of karachi lost a massive all expense paid ...anu bhi kono milius pakhi bhi ♥♥♥
  22.  Sun 9th Safar 1437
    at drive time sunday morning the temp is 26° near kitchen and 25° in the outter room next week it should be under 20° ♥♥♥
  23.  Mon 10th Safar 1437
    Ah i missed the morning, feeling very sleepy ya that's right i should go back to sleep and wake up after noon ...Bye !
  24.  Tues 11th Safar 1437
    many listen to the music some remember and record it in the memory few hum and shuffle , imagine a praise overheard
  25. Wed 12th Safar 1437
    Nation mourns the karachi girl killed in a  plane crash . its true everytime i hear a CAF plane over my head I look up to see if its flying or falling :(
  26.  Thu 13th Safar 1437
    So as the story goes the native Indians were subdued by white Europeans who imported African Americans to be ...
  27.  Fri 14th Safar 1437
    it been a very eventless peaceful year most irritants and distractions gave up or removed.Learning amazing & Plenty     ♥♥♥
  28.  Sa 15th Safar 1437
    it is so interesting that those who can and will do it anyways often needs tough as rock Mockingjays for inspiration or guidance  ♥♥♥
  29.  Sun 16th Safar 1437
    Yesterdays election rally clearly exposed the alliance its one pathan taken for a ride and the other one taking it LOL ♥♥♥
  30.  Mon 17th Safar 1437
    So today England can't lose a series and Pakistan Zindabad Cannot Win a series Totally absolutely a Catch 22 LOL  ♥♥♥

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