Thursday, December 10, 2015

Human Rights Day 2015

I have always had 3 out of four freedoms namely Speech, Religion, and Fear . the Fourth Freedom from Want i will never understand Even though i tried my best to learn it from the very best in the business from 1998-2011 AD , 
 I personally feel that before i have the freedom from want i should or may have the freedom to choose or not to Which directly leads to dictatorship and eliminates all chances and hopes.

 Last night somebody showed me this and asked me what do i like ?
Even though the question was not specifically targeted at me (one of the benefits of social media ) but what goes of my father if i believes so .
 talking about Papa may his soul rest in Peace. He was a man of limited means and even fewer desires
 The Last time we talked was when he was on his death bed before he painfully died on a die a lie sis machine
All he wanted from me that day was that i eat .
So unwillingly i went to the hospital canteen paid for the token stand in the que and when my number came the food i had paid for was finished
So i returned to the cashier and got a refund and walked out of the canteen trying to figure out what just happened 8 years later still can't .
One of the janitors told me earlier that   day that there are camera's here so if anybody wants or desires can verify my story and also see the look on my face as i walk out that door.
my desire was to do everything i could to max out his life and so did he but i believe he was wanted more badly elsewhere

 Its his birthday today or what should have been his birthday . I am very against celebrating dead and married peoples sad birthdays with a party or a blast I want to focus more on the Anniversary .

 So hopefully this day will go by very peacefully with nothing really important to remember it by next year .

 Except that my security detail has been relaxed Not Compromised after the Permanent Sharif neighbor left the neighborhood leaving behind a ton of steel and other construction material a disputed plot and an encroached kerb garden to builders favorite straight driver who was never able to hit me on the head with his over the wall shots when he lived next door until few years back .....technically he is Out but no smiles as usual .

 regarding the Human rights day my year ahead will be very low key as usual with absolutely no support for Bahria town and all Dubai based Business men . will study the constitutional amendments regarding the disqualification and voluntary DE-registration of electrolytes (voters) It is my firm belief and resolve that the election process should be and must be as easy as easypay

 The highest of my lows up ahead is watching Dilwale at the earliest after release and saying something nice about the lead actors regardless of the movie.


In the end i would if i may should Thank the Dear Merciful Lord that these were either not available or beyond my reach nine years ago today.

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