Saturday, June 4, 2016

Temps (2016)

Temps Poster

Temps (2016) Movie Script

Are you folks ready to order?
- Sure.
Go ahead.
- Uh...
The, um, the chicken special.
How does that come?
- Baked, broiled, barbecue,
stuffed, flame-broiled,
peppered, on in a nice pot pie.
The... the broi...
Broiled chicken special.
- Me, too.
- How would you like the potato?
- Baked.
- What are the other options?
- Baked, whipped,
scalloped, Au gratin,
country-fried, French fries.
- Can we possibly substitute that
with like a fruit compote?
- Just get whipped.
Everyone likes whipped.
- I do like whipped.
I'll get whipped.
- Soup or salad?
- Salad.
- Sure.
- Two salads.
- Ranch, Russian,
thousand island, blue cheese,
ranch peppercorn, ranch
vinaigrette, house Italian?
- Do you have Roquefort, or is
that the same as blue cheese?
- If they had Roquefort,
she'd say Roquefort.
- Unless they were
the same thing.
- We have blue cheese.
- House Italian for me, please.
- Can I switch that to the soup?
- Veggie, beef barley,
chicken noodle, cream of celery,
or matzo ball.
- Just go with the salad,
house dressing.
- Sure, yeah. Does the special
come with bread?
- Yes, white, wheat,
rye, marble rye, pumpernickel,
sour dough, kaiser roll,
or bread stick.
- Can we just get a variety
in a basket?
-Two specials, broiled,
One baked, one whipped...
Two salads, house dressing,
basket of bread.
Anything to drink?
- Two cokes.
- I'll be up all night.
- Coke, diet coke,
sprite, root beer, iced tea,
lemonade, O.J., coffee,
tea, or milk?
- One coke, one...
- Sprite?
You're very decisive.
- Maybe that's your problem,
you need to be more decisive.
- Well, I have way
more problems than that.
I think.
-I'm sorry, you guys.
We're all out of chicken.

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