Monday, August 1, 2016


  1. Mon 27th Shawwal 1437
    Awesome Mausam windy cool Water in tap  . Media misleading on rangers issue Independence Day celebrations begins  ♥♠♥
  2.  Tues 28th Shawwal 1437
    Interesting ! Full cloudy & windy but not Awesome weather . The Sun is Poking or search-lighting having trouble getting through  ♥♠♥
  3.  Wed 29th Shawwal 1437
    New Moon 1:44 Moon rise 6:16 Moon set 19:35(0.9%) No Chance. Awesome Mausam takes break The Sun is desperetely trying I.G Sindh gives up ♥♠♥
  4. Thurs 30th Shawwal 1437
    Moon not sighted The Sun is also not sighted till noon Awesome Mausam returns in full No Rain  Meridian 12:38 ♥♠♥
  5.  Fri 1st Ziqad 1437
    So the awesome Mausam continues Shamim ara dead and eid ka Chaand (the month of eid ) is over Science has a better chance for rain in karachi Happy Juma ♥♠♥
  6. Sa 2nd Ziqad 1437
    Water Water water ! People of karachi praying for Rain did not take NOC from Dulhan ki Mosee the infamous the notorious the Karachi Electric KE Happy Sabbath ♥♠♥
  7.  Sun 3rd Ziqad 1437
    Light drizzle awesome mausam having tea can't go out as all the roads around the house and in the market have water and Slime God help those who stay at home  ♥♠♥
  8.  Mon 4th Ziqad 1437
    No rain The Sun is trying to break through Quetta Blast dozens of Anti- Govt group's lawyers killed ,injured bar president also killed .
  9.  Tues 5th Ziqad 1437
    fell asleep during movie Jason Bourne got up went for fajr & walk Discovered a New Bakery Sign board on Tariq Rd ,Stray dogs greeted finished movie sleep wake up net and Catv gone Awesome Mausam.  ♥♠♥ 
  10. Wed 6th Ziqad 1437
    Awesome Mausam. CAtv & Net is back Seems like the Omantel is not quitting atleast not yet ....yesterday a local network was offering to switch using their installation  ♥♠♥
  11. Thurs 7th Ziqad 1437
    The devil is so Mad she is not listening to the kafirs her very own so whats the point ♥♠♥ 
  12. Fri 8th Ziqad 1437
    Yesterday two cable operators showed up with a ladder PumpUps fired for wickets ♥♠♥
  13. Sa 9th Ziqad 1437
    At Noon The Clouds begins to patch up Awesome Mausam returns . The Science is probably working on an Independence day Drizzle   ♥♠♥
  14. Sun 10th Ziqad 1437
    Awesome Mausam . Happy Independence Day RIP for those died in aerial celebratory Firing at midnight Mobile Net is on again ♥♠♥
  15. Mon 11th Ziqad 1437
    Windy cool Awesome Mausam . The Independece day celebrations are over Flags will be saved for next year. But the Cricket Mania is about to take-off  ♥♠♥
  16. Tues 12th Ziqad 1437
    Windy Broken Clouds partly Sunny cool in the shade of our tree neighbours drivers and guards enjoying Happy  ♥♠♥
  17. Wed 13th Ziqad 1437
    Windy Partly Cloudy Partly Sunny Continuously changing Awesome / hot Mausam Karachi Electric Maintenence Shutdown for the 2nd time day 2   ♥♠♥
  18. Thurs 14th Ziqad 1437
    Missed fajr two days in a row . One of those mornings when someone is dying to put their two cents in my thoughts and understandings ♥♠♥
  19. Fri 15thZiqad 1437
    Experiencing three different temperatures Windy cool and occasional sunny . It is Friday and PM is here on a holiday ok Devil what did i do this time ?  ♥♠♥
  20. Sa 16thZiqad 1437
    Its Zuhr Time been up for a long time without electric power and cable enjoying the light drizzle and cool wind tea and samosa Happy Sabbath ♥♠♥
  21. Sun 17thZiqad 1437
    Awesome Mausam . Missed fajr still very sleepy its too late to get up and go stand in line for puri halwa nashta BLNT ♥♠♥
  22. Mon 18thZiqad 1437
    Awesome Mausam . Missed fajr again . Lawyers protesting Had scrambled egg and slice No fever no flu stomach ok no itch  ♥♠♥
  23. Tues 19thZiqad 1437
    Awesome Mausam . Missed fajr again MQM gets Holidays before Eid duty LEA's on High Alert Amir Liaquat trending  ♥♠♥
  24. Wed 20th Ziqad 1437
    Missed fajr. Awesome Mausam but can't sit in the lawn because everybody in town is super charged politically the two cents syndrome  ♥♠♥
  25. Thurs 21st Ziqad 1437
    Awesome Mausam. 3 days & Nights of Extreme Panic is gone now its back to Congo ticks & Kidnappings    ♥♠♥
  26. Fri 22nd Ziqad 1437
    Missed Fajr . Awesome Mausam Gone . its bright & Hot Sunny clear blue sky now they can see clearly whats going on in karachi  Juma Mubarak  ♥♠♥
  27. Sa 23rd Ziqad 1437
    Missed Fajr. Hot Sunny. Missed the first chance to post the morning mood KE shutdown(10:10) gives a chance to change if you see this you win.(10:58)   ♥♠♥
  28. Sun 24th Ziqad 1437
    Missed Fajr. perfect rainy weather multi-layered clouds some moving faster than others yesterdays thrashing could be complemented not sure   ♥♠♥
  29. Mon 25th Ziqad 1437
    Very Hot clear blue sky thunder Storm predicted Neighbors help exhausted washing cars praying & hating the one who got shade My Musical tree  ♥♠♥
  30. Tues 26th Ziqad 1437
    The thing i like the most about me is that i don't go ask Science how its gonna be Sunny , Awesome or Rapid Fire Thunder Today More Cutting & welding Sounds ♥♠♥
  31. Wed 27th Ziqad 1437
    Awesome Mausam or not . Going for a walk after 7 oclock in my neighborhood is like going in a dust storm school vans in a rush and dogs hiding  ♥♠♥

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