Saturday, April 1, 2017


  1. Sa 3rd rajab 1438
    29°CImage may contain: food
    Its either a holiday in my town today or i am left under the shell on a hot hot sunny sabbath morning Anyways 🐢🎃☀️🍹🥄
  2. Sun 4th rajab 1438
    In real life beyond facebook the married people live with a timeline and singles with memories on this day archives  😯
  3. Mon 5th rajab 1438
    Aha I have broadband Net and cable today wasn't expecting it On a diet Pepsi large gone down very hot out   😃☀️🍹😅😥🤠
  4. Tues 6th rajab 1438
    about half hour ago at sunrise it was very cloudy now partly with little breeze . Cat is hungry scared feeding kittens but survived the attacks   🖕🏿🐍  
  5.  We 7th rajab 1438
    No miracle here today because in 90's managed to stir negativity to extreme both inside outside but the scale showed only negative     🤓✍🏿🥀🗯️
  6. Thu 8th rajab 1438
    The Annual Lenten Sand Blasting of Karachi and me is almost over Sun is up but shadows are dim wind stop cold outside than inside😇🦅  
  7. Fri 9th rajab 1438
    Feels like winter morning again clouds did not clear till 9 Oclock hope it stays the same till the evening Happy Juma Mubarak   🌥️⛅️
  8. Sa 10th rajab 1438
    Clear blue sky cool inside temperature gone up a degree in last hour since i am up . had tea only neighbour buying Fish   🐟⚖️🚲
  9. Sun 11th rajab 1438
    Hot and dry outside no wind at all but cool inside had tough time waking up missed fajr walk and nashta only tea  😊  
  10. Mon 12th rajab 1438
    Another very Hot and dry week begins with a Monday Pakistan won 2nd ODI by 75 runs isn't that great
    sleep good 💤🤳
  11.  Tues 13th rajab 1438
    Woke up watched movie The Red Dawn  on HBO clear blue sky had fun walking  had puri nashta  Dahi Rs 130/- Kg  🔆〽️🔅
  12.  Wed 14th rajab 1438
    Wake up around 8 am watched the movie Tracers on HBO all the junk food i had yesterday is out no farting cold tap water not burning hot 😑🤠😓☀️
  13.  Thurs 15th rajab 1438
    Wake up watched movie The Losers on WB had lots of tea watched a "Red Bird" tilt over Soldier Bazaar No heat wave 🐦🦐🐝
  14.  Fri 16th rajab 1438
    wake up watched movie the Vow on HBO Smell the fresh roses had tea over analyzed the last days of Lent 2017 😂😬😜🤓🎅🏿
  15.  Sa 17th rajab 1438
    Windy outside and very humid inside  imagine how its gonna be on this last day in lent 2017 waiting for tea 🌹🌳🌻🌞☀️🍉
  16.  Sun 18th rajab 1438
    missed fajr went to shop returned did the dishes having minted tea its not very hot yet but very humid or there is something wrong with me Happy Easter🕺
  17.  Mon 19th rajab 1438
    woke up had tea went to the drug store we call it medical store here came back sweaty had tea become more sweaty got wet weather cool 
  18.  Tues 20th rajab 1438
    clear blue very windy breeze super cool start to the day little traffic on the street few vendors sitting inside and sweating is crazy absolutely crazy
  19.  wed 21st rajab 1438
    up late and early mornings shows hour away movies in the middle cool breeze Got to do a lot of shopping and hoard for Ramzan 
  20.  Th 22nd rajab 1438
    The Red Bird has more control now it is going straight over my head  fox fired  Bill o'reilly Serena Williams pregnant 
  21.  Fri 23rd rajab 1438
    The weather is exactly the same as it was yesterday morning looks like a china copy LOL News says Paris Shooting Iqbal Dead RIP
  22.  Sa 24th rajab 1438
    Partly cloudy cool weather haven't had breakfast tea or anything constantly thinking of going out for Nashta lazy 😕😴
  23.  Sun 25th rajab 1438
    the clouds are not visible but the sky is not clear blue sun is getting hotter light breeze humid no movement on street  
  24. Mon 26th rajab 1438
    Facebook greeting
    Good morning, Wasiq!
    It'll be hot today in Karachi. The forecast shows a high of 33°.
    See more🍧🍨 
  25.  Tues 27th rajab 1438
    No fast ! after ten minutes of walk to the shop and back the face is so sweaty can't have tea  zalima lassi 🥃Rs60😠
  26.  Wed 28th rajab 1438
    we were hoarding and stocking for Ramzan But Saein Zardari always a step ahead puts up cattle market for Eid2😎🤠🤓
  27.  Thurs 29th rajab 1438
    Cool windy partly cloudy amazing weather . New Moon waxing at 0.8 % will set at 8:02 pm with 1.2% 286°W probably🎇
  28. Fri 1st Shaban 1438
    Cool weather Amazing bowel movement before tea watching shradda k's movie ek villian again love it Juma Mubarak
  29. Sa 2nd Shaban 1438
    Anybody ever calculated the amount of extra tax (indirect) non refundable a father of the bride pays Happy Sabbath🤑
  30. Sun 3rd Shaban 1438
    Facebook warning alert
    Good morning, Wasiq!
    It'll be hot today in Karachi. The forecast shows a high of 40°

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