Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bhaag Johnny (2015)

Well it is believed not sure if its correct that while climbing the mount Sinai after the death of his mother (not sure which mother either)  Moses had some difficulty and he almost slipped at that moment the God quipped ..Moses watch your step now you don't have your mother to pray for you to keep you safe. Since my Mother died last summer I have been extra cautious still i fell and almost break bones on the tiled floor, wet, rushing in for prayer...the irony is that this incident happened to me on the same day i thought about Moses earlier....what is even more ironic is that i had an option another entrance dry and nearer which i ignored
Anyways my belief is that my fate in this world will be more dependent on her wishes if she had reached the Paradise in Heaven or does eventually . So in $ terms Now especially i may not be able to do a whole lot of things in this world without the blessing of the FORCE.

Bhaag Johnny (2015)

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Thrilling story of Johnny who is sick and tired of living with painful vicarious feelings. Explains how much formidable is it to tackle with both ends of coin. No matter whatever choices ... See full summary »


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