Thursday, October 1, 2015


  1. Th 16th Zilhaj 1436
    Chilly morning and the day is getting hotter...Hot headed and cold feet.... ..ya i am blending alrighty lol
  2.  Fri 17th Zilhaj 1436
    Karachi: Fajr 5:55am, Sunrise 6:24am,Meridian 12:21pm, Zuhr(juma)  2:00pm, Asr 5:15 pm, Sunset 6:18pm, Maghrib 6:22pm, Isha 8:15pm 
  3.  Sa 18th Zilhaj 1436
    Noon burning Karachi ...Another Proud Pakistani falls Fighting the British i mean cancer Hospital...RIP Justice (R) Javed Iqbal
  4.  Sun 19th Zilhaj 1436
    When i woke up today it was all cloudy windy awesome weather i thought i am still sleeping had tea & reality tv ♠♠
  5.  Mon 20th Zilhaj 1436
    Every new release i watch i wonder if its going to make it to the oscars or other Awards and bag it all the competition is tough this year 
  6.  Tues 21st Zilhaj 1436
    The Most amazing thing that has happened recently in my life is The NASA (ISS) released pics of Pakistan Border with india. Papa would have loved it ♥♥♥
  7.  Wed 22nd Zilhaj 1436
    As i was trying to wake up after missing the sunrise and morning informed KMC schools are closed
    LOL ♥♥♥
  8. Thu 23rd Zilhaj 1436
    The state assemblies in india are turning into fish markets over the beef ban issue while Nida pasha is wearing a sari with pakistani blouse on ARY ♠
  9.  Fri 24th Zilhaj 1436
    I never understand why we ( living jewish conspiracy ) say Juma mubarak every friday ...its neither a weekend nor a pay-day 
  10.  Sa 25th Zilhaj 1436
    in my neighborhood if you are able to sleep till noon or zuhr azan on a sabbath morning you will feel so damn euphoric that Damn no cruder than puke ♥♥♥
  11.  Sun 26th Zilhaj 1436
    Its a very beautiful Sunday morning and a very interesting lahore the failed politicians are dragging the Army & here Rangers are desperately seeking anybody lol  
  12.  Mon 27th Zilhaj 1436
    The Most unbelievable common characteristics between a Bitch & a Stallion is that they befriend very few following and recognising may vary accordingly
  13.  Tue 28th Zilhaj 1436
    After a very tight sleep this morning i am very happy to have made it.. woke up in a New Moon rise 6:35 am of the year 1437 H. At the moment 2:00 pm its 2% waxing crescent AMEN!  
  14.  Wed 29th Zilhaj 1436
    Someday years later...i may confess that creating a bubble around me to withstand the peer pressures was not good for generation next ..Pas ce Soir ♥♥♥
  15.  Happy New year : Thu 1st Muharram 1437
    سحر با باد می‌گفتم حدیث آرزومندی         خطاب آمد که واثق شو به الطاف خداوندی
  16.  Fri 2nd muharram 1437
    وقت آنست که ضعف آید و نیرو برود

    قدرت از منطق شیرین سخنگو برود

    ناگهی باد خزان آید و این رونق و آب

    که تو می‌بینی ازین گلبن خوشبو برود
  17.  Sa 3rd Muharram 1437
    راست گفتی که فرج یابی اگر صبر کنی         صبر نیکست کسی را که توانایی هست    
    هرگز از دوست شنیدی که کسی بشکیبد         دوستی نیست در آن دل که شکیبایی هست
  18.  Sun 4th Muharram 1437
    ساقیا! برخیز و دَردِه جام را         خاک بر سر کن، غم ایام را
    ساغر مِی بر کفم نِه تا ز بَر         برکشم این دَلق اَزرَق فام را
  19.  Mon 5th Muharram1437
    عقل دیوانه شد، آن سلسله‌ی مشکین کو؟         دل ز ما گوشه گرفت، ابروی دلدار کجاست؟
    ساقی و مطرب و مِی جمله مهیاست، ولی         عیش بی یار مهیا نشود، یار کجاست؟
  20. Tues 6th Muharram1437
    جهان از ترس می‌درد و جان از عشق می‌پرد         که مرغان را به رشک آرم ز پروازم همین ساعت
  21.  Wed 7th muharram1437
    2:00 pm
    میر من خوش میروی کاندر سر و پا میرمت         خوش خرامان شو که پیش قد رعنا میرمت
  22.  Thu 8th muharram1437
    2:00 pm
    چو با حبیب نشینی و باده پیمایی                                                        به یاد آر حریفانِ باده‌پیما را
                                                                                                  جز این قدر نتوان گفت در جمال تو عیب                             که وضع مهر و وفا نیست روی زیبا را
  23.  Fri 9th muharram1437
    گوشم همه بر قول نِی و نغمه‌ی چنگ است               چشمم همه بر لعل لب و گردش جام است
    در مجلس ما عطر مَیامیز که ما را                              هر لحظه ز گیسوی تو خوش بوی مشام است
  24.   Sa 10th muharram1437
    دیگران قرعه قسمت همه بر عیش زدند

    دل غمدیده ما بود که هم بر غم زد

    جان علوی هوس چاه زنخدان تو داشت

    دست در حلقه آن زلف خم اندر خم زد
  25.  Sun 11th muharram1437
    Survived Ashura Thanks to the Pak Army and all its superior intelligence organs no untoward incident occurred.Thanks to Almighty i do not have diarrhea :D  
  26.    Mon 12th muharram1437
    Well I am still sweating profusely but the media is trying to establish that winter cold has arrived , the planes above also sound desperate like the cockpit crew needs to go ♥♥♥
  27.  Tue 13th muharram1437
    Karachi Full Moon today at 17:05 , Moon Rise 18:03, Moon Set (tomorrow) 7:15 .
    Sun set 17:55
    Sun rise (28th OCT) 6:36 Meridian 12:16
  28. Wed 14th Muharram 1437
    Karachi is not getting a BRT today , tomorrow or in the very near future its Human rights violation can't shrug it off under the rug ♥♥♥ 
  29.  Thu 15th Muharram 1437
    Today i feel that it was a fan off morning here in Karachi , the blanket was really not necessary , missed the morning prayer & walk ...winter is coming its coffee time  ♥♥♥
  30.  FRI 16th Muharram 1437
    oKAY so its friday again the friday that would end on  the all hallows' eve....or All Saints' eve or Halloween or whatever....I think its equivalent to our Shab-i-Barat with pagan fireworks
  31.  Sa 17th Muharram 1437
    LOL, Love it when a plane comes together ..Happy Sabbath .. Happy Halloween...abhi toh ishq main aisa bhi haal hona hai ....



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