Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Khatam ay Quran....

today after the prayer and taravee ....these small sized fruit cakes were distributed by the family or friends of a happy young hafiz who finished the thirteen days taravee...today at his home in the neighborhood...he must have learned from somebody at the mosque.Most traders who have to open shops in Ramadan in the night arrange the taravee prayers at their homes for less number of days usually ten with 3 chapters(para) of quran recited everyday....whereas in the mosques its one chapter (para) per day...there are 30 chapters of quran and in the holy month of Ramadan unless the eid moon is not sighted on the 29th of the month...there are 29 certain nights...and on that 29th night the katam ay quran is done.some even finish on the 27th night because it is considered to be shab ay qadar...one of the most holiest nights...and while praying and asking for what your heart desires from the Almighty...it appears to be better if you have finished the quran and done few other good deeds...in this month when you spread your hands in front of the lord Almighty.
Anyways....the cake was fresh and very tasty....and it was from my favorite bakers....so I congratulate the hafiz saab and thank and pray for the prosperity of the sponsors.Amen!

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