Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Social Outcast.......

Last year in the middle of Ramadan I got a facebook invite from CAP...the Citizen archive of Pakistan...for sports function...near mohatta palace..Clifton .I was not able to attend it due to the starting flu weakness....that was the only reason honestly...! recently my facebook account was disabled and I choose to stay away from facebook for a this year in Ramadan there will be a hundred percent decrease in the facebook invites I receive during the Ramadan.Still I don't regret or feel remorse...because I am not a social outcast at least not during the Holy Month of Ramadan. 
So who is a Social Outcast.?...during the holy month of Ramadan....well the people who do not fast,offer regular prayers and pay zakat are the social outcast in this month....the rest of the things are usually the same for all the people in a big megapolis like karachi....Schools,shops and offices open and close with a slight relaxation in there is no lunch break....or lunch because the office canteen's,restaurants and free delivery is closed during the lunch time....people usually offer the prayers very regularly with the sound of azan call...and at closing time nobody waits a minute more...too eager to get home or to shop before Iftar.
 A day or a week or a month before the Ramadan most people are too worried about the beginning of Ramadan...but when the Ramadan begins that same people are seen more active than the rest and after the first ten days...the markets and shops starts opening day and night....and they have no time at all left to worry about anything else but shopping.....most even forget what the month was about....I am not sure if they can be called social outcast or not....but they sure come in the category of obsessive
Now I come to the most important social event of this month and that is the Iftar parties.... people invite family and friends to break their fast with gain blessing from Allah and also to please the invitees....these events are like the ALL YOU CAN EAT offers at fastfood joints....only here you don't have to pay.The most incredible thing about these iftar parties is that you get to eat twice first while breaking the fast...then a prayer break after that the dinner.and then the guest leaves hurriedly for the taravee prayers....those who don't are again the social outcast ....look for somebody to chat with but eventually have to leave ...because to over stay after the dinner at a iftar party is not a very good thing to do unless the host insists that you stay till begin the next day's fast with that is something to remember all year started eating at sunset and continued eating till the morning...with does happen...many muslim people are very social and they have the resources and entertain guests all night long....
Because of the illness of my parents we decreased the number of Iftar parties and I stopped going many years $ terms this means that I never break or begin my fast unfortunately I do not qualify to be the social outcast here as well....tich such bad luck ....don't you think...?


  1. guess i m the worst of the kind

    i don fast, indulge in glutonny, eat all you can ifatr idnners, dont offer namaz.....and yeh i hate when poepl try to be over pious.....and i hate when i cant go to after noon power lunches....i hate when i cant get tandoori bread.....i hate it when people look at me when i drive while sipping juice or eating snacks.


  2. oh don't take it so seriously I was just kidding with and I can never be the social outcast...we hangout at one of the most happening site of Karachi on the internet...we are almost celebrity now..that nobody can deny...and I am so glad that you choose to comment here as are most welcome here....always!